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Enhanced security on Android and iOS with TEHTRIS Mobile Threat Defense (MTD).

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Our customers and those of TEHTRIS have told us: simply managing mobile fleets using Mobile Device Management (MDM) is no longer enough. A detection and remediation solution has become essential.


  • Protect your smartphones with phone port scans, detection of phone root rights, detection of alternative stores, detection of malicious injection into a library, etc.
  • Blacklist malicious sites with advanced TEHTRIS DNS Firewall protection.
  • In the event of a compromise, use the TEHTRIS MTD remediation functions to remotely uninstall malicious APKs or perform DNS isolation on the compromised mobile.
  • Create your own SOAR playbooks for DNS isolation and custom push notifications.
  • Keep control over the security of your fleet with exclusive TEHTRIS MTD notifications with customisable alert thresholds.

Total visibility and protection for your mobile fleet

Get immediate 360° visibility of your entire mobile fleet. TEHTRIS MTD can be installed and deployed quickly, with no need for the user to change any settings or take any action. Your devices are protected remotely via SaaS. It keeps you informed in real-time of attacks on your fleet, thanks to security alert notifications from the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

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