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Banks, fintech, insurers, fund managers and pension funds are going through exciting times. At Nomios we have valuable knowledge and experience for the financial sector. We know what concerns you and are happy to help you with our experience.

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The financial industry has always been one of the main platforms for digital innovation. Efficiency and optimisation in banking processes, trading, insurance, and private equity, - to name a few - have compelled financial organisations to consistently review their network and security infrastructures as well as their compliance with strict regulations and guidelines.

With increased efficiency powered by AI, ML, and other developing technologies, cybersecurity and network infrastructure challenges are becoming more and more difficult to manage and oversee. We look at the big picture, allowing you the freedom to explore the benefits of fintech developments while we take care of the cybersecurity and networking risks that follow.

Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Compliance with increasingly stringent data protection and cybersecurity regulations
  • Mitigating the risk of cyberthreats
  • Mapping the network and security challenges of fintech solutions
  • Educating staff on cybersecurity best practices
  • Detecting and responding to breaches
  • Identifying at-risk assets
  • Lack of manpower and access to expertise on complex architectures
  • Difficulty in taking full advantage of cloud capabilities in a secure manner
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Video creates private cloud platform enabling conversational commerce services

After years of growth, saw an explosive increase of complexity, data consumption and latency on the existing network as more and more customers were using the services of This created the need for a new network foundation, so that the platform could grow on a global scale. To ease and speed up software applications deployment, the in-house development team of, consisting of over 100 developers, also needed an agile and lean network environment. Transforming to a future-proof network infrastructure would also enable the onboarding of new networks, deliver high performance and provide more control to make optimal use of network functions.

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    "Security and reliability are two most critical elements for the financial industry. We were looking for a technology partner to help ensure that the services we offer to our customers are both highly available and fully secured. Nomios Group have consistently demonstrated their technological expertise and experience."

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    "Based on my experience I would certainly recommend people to contact Nomios and ask them to help you out, because they will get you to the next level."

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