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Network infrastructure

Connecting Europe Tour - GÉANT

Welcome to "The Connecting Europe Tour"! Join Nat and Fraser, two young and curious entrepreneurs on an exciting journey across Europe, as they dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

1 min. read
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XDR Cybersecurity

Best XDR solutions to check out

Almost 70% of breaches start from endpoints, highlighting the need for robust security measures, such as XDR.

Inès Khabkhabi
Placeholder for Ines khabkhabiInes khabkhabi

Inès Khabkhabi

16 min. read
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Comparison of the SSE Magic Quadrant™ 2023 vs 2024

When comparing the SSE Magic Quadrant™ of 2023 with that of 2024, several developments are notable. Palo Alto Networks has strengthened its position as a leader, while Zscaler and Netskope have generally maintained their position at the highest level.

Romain Quinat
Placeholder for Romain QuinatRomain Quinat

Romain Quinat

6 min. read
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Telecommunications Press release

Nomios Group and Alepo Technologies successfully deploy advanced AAA solution for VodafoneZiggo

Nomios and Alepo successfully deployed an advanced AAA solution for VodafoneZiggo, ensuring enhanced network security, seamless integration, and zero downtime.

2 min. read
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Juniper Networks

Network security

Juniper's Four-Time Leadership in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Juniper Networks' repeated leadership in Gartner's Magic Quadrant highlights its innovative edge and excellence in wired, wireless, and indoor location technologies.

3 min. read
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NIS2 requires industrial companies to make major efforts to secure their OT environments: Where to start?

Thousands of industrial companies will be affected by the implementation of NIS2, with issues varying widely from one entity to another. We present you 12 steps to achieve compliance.

Arnaud Masson
Placeholder for ARMARM

Arnaud Masson

4 min. read
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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks AI-driven enterprise

What is an AI-driven enterprise?

The growing maturity and availability of artificial intelligence (AI) enables the creation of an AI-driven enterprise. Read how Nomios and Juniper can help you build one.

9 min. read
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Cloud security Endpoint security

The importance of Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

This article introduces Secure Web Gateways (SWG), covering key features, deployment options, scalability, organizational benefits, and integration.

2 min. read
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Juniper Networks

AI-driven enterprise

From technology to transformation: The impact of AI on today's enterprises

An AI-driven enterprise leverages automation, data-driven insights, and enhanced engagement to fundamentally transform its operations and stay ahead of the curve.

2 min. read
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Juniper Networks

Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence

AI in cybersecurity: A double-edged sword

AI enhances cybersecurity with quicker threat identification, proactive measures, and automated efficiency, yet presents challenges like evolving threats, ethical concerns, and a skills gap, necessitating a comprehensive defense approach.

3 min. read
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Phishing Cybersecurity

A custom app to decode QR codes in phishing emails

Cybercriminals frequently use emails as their main method for phishing, embedding dangerous links or QR codes. To face this problem our SOC analysts have created a special app designed to tackle the issue of QR codes in phishing emails.

Lydia Pieternella
Placeholder for Lydia Pieternella squareLydia Pieternella square

Lydia Pieternella

2 min. read
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Juniper Networks

Mist AI AI-driven enterprise

What is the new Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform?

Juniper Networks' AI-Native Networking Platform, including Marvis Minis, revolutionises network management with AI-driven efficiency and proactive problem-solving.

2 min. read
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Network automation

How automation centralises your tools and processes: A journey towards enhanced IT efficiency

Automation transforms IT roles, centralizing tools for efficiency, fostering innovation, and ushering in a new era of strategic growth in the sector.

2 min. read
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8 factors you should consider before implementing SIEM

Implementing a SIEM system involves key steps like defining objectives, ensuring compatibility, calculating costs, assessing skills, ensuring compliance, evaluating infrastructure, selecting a reliable vendor, and future-proofing for cybersecurity.

2 min. read
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Juniper Networks HPE

HPE's strategic leap with Juniper Networks acquisition

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) decision to acquire Juniper Networks for an estimated $14 billion is a testament to its strategic foresight in the evolving landscape of AI-driven networking.

3 min. read
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Secure your future: Top cybersecurity trends for 2024

We’re on the brink of a new year again. Time to learn all about the most important and interesting cybersecurity trends for 2024.

Mohamed El Haddouchi
Placeholder for Mohamed El HaddouchiMohamed El Haddouchi

Mohamed El Haddouchi

10 min. read
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Email security

DMARC - From February 2024 your emails to gmail and yahoo could be rejected

By February 2024, Google and Yahoo will be imposing strict new rules on email security. Companies will be required to adopt DMARC authentication technology.

Romain Quinat
Placeholder for Romain QuinatRomain Quinat

Romain Quinat

3 min. read
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NOC vs SOC: Unveiling differences and uniting strengths

NOC and SOC are essential in digital enterprises, combining network management with cybersecurity for resilient IT operations.

4 min. read

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