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Protect your DNS traffic with TEHTRIS.

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TEHTRIS DNS Firewall protects your users from malicious domains in the face of ever-increasing numbers of sophisticated attacks exploiting DNS resolutions.

TEHTRIS DNS Firewall detects and blocks malicious software domains by monitoring DNS resolution requests before your information system is infected. By combining its threat knowledge base with its DNS query filtering capabilities, and thanks to the analysis of TEHTRIS CYBERIA (Artificial Intelligence), TEHTRIS DNS Firewall enables the rapid identification of suspicious activities in real-time, such as phishing attempts.

The response to suspicious DNS requests is adapted to their nature. Control lists can be customised, enabling you to monitor them in line with your own security policy. Integrated with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, DNS Firewall alerts enhance your investigation context when a DNS request is made.

Benefits of TEHTRIS DSN firewall:

  • Protect your users: block access to malicious sites.
  • Incident mitigation: blocking of exfiltration attempts and malware detection.
  • Incident investigation: event logging.
  • Integration and defence of sensitive environments: no need to deploy an agent.
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