Enhancing cybersecurity in critical industries: how you can harness the power of MDR and XDR

Inès Khabkhabi
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Inès Khabkhabi , Global Executive Cybersecurity , Nomios Netherlands

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If you are active in one of the vital sectors of our modern world, such as utilities, manufacturing, and agriculture/food, you’re probably heavily reliant on operational technology (OT) infrastructure. This makes you highly vulnerable to an increasing number of sophisticated and widespread cyber threats.

To effectively address this pressing concern, strengthening your security framework and infrastructure is an absolute must. Whilst defending yourself against cyberattacks has always been a challenging job, the widespread shift to the cloud combined with increasingly hybrid work environments has further complicated this endeavour.

Combining MDR and XDR offers advanced and exciting opportunities to achieve this goal, especially when it is fully aligned with European standards and specifically designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by vital industries. Read on and find out more about the amazing potential of MDR and XDR.

Attacks on critical infrastructure

In recent years, there has been an alarming surge in cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure in industries such as utilities, manufacturing, and agriculture/food. The rapid digitisation and interconnectedness of these industries have made them prime targets for malicious actors seeking to exploit any weaknesses in their OT security systems. Supply chain attacks are also observed more and more.

Attackers look for any weakness in your system, but also in your providers’ systems. Disturbingly, statistics reveal that the number of cyber incidents in these sectors has doubled over the past year, necessitating immediate and effective cybersecurity measures. For example, in 2022, almost a quarter of all cyberattacks worldwide involved manufacturing companies.

If you’re active in one of the aforementioned industries and want to fortify your security frameworks, it is essential to adopt a proactive approach that goes a couple of steps beyond traditional security measures. This is precisely where MDR and XDR shine. If you use them side by side, the two offer a comprehensive and simplified security solution that is tailored to your needs and configurable with the unique requirements of European industries.

How to build a comprehensive security framework: combining MDR and XDR

While almost any organisation can deploy an XDR platform or separate MDR services, the two work best in concert. The integration of managed detection and response (MDR) services with XDR allows you to achieve unparalleled visibility across your entire IT and OT environment. This way you unify all your cybersecurity solutions in one single platform. This proactive approach enables early detection and a swift response to potential threats. Nasty surprises are a thing of the past because you can mitigate risks long before they escalate. Continuously monitoring activities in real-time allows you to flag and promptly investigate and contain suspicious or anomalous behaviour on time.

MDR offers comprehensive threat detection, rapid incident response, proactive threat hunting, enhanced visibility, and scalability, whilst XDR adds visibility across all data and advanced analytics and automation to the already powerful security mix that MDR offers. The end result? An impressive security toolkit that prepares your organisation for a wide variety of contemporary and future cyber threats!

Successfully utilise the power of MDR and XDR with TEHTRIS XDR Platform

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform helps you get the best out of MDR and XDR. One of its key strengths lies in the ability to provide a cohesive and unified defence against a wide range of cyber threats. Streamlining incident response through automation? Check. Ensuring rapid resolution and minimising any disruption to critical operations? No problem at all. TEHTRIS XDR Platform leverages the latest threat intelligence, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats and bolster your overall security posture. Also important: with TEHTRIS all your data is secured within safe and certified European data centres.

Both integrators and vendors, play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the TEHTRIS Oriented XDR solution. Their expertise and close collaboration with industries ensure the seamless integration of the platform with your existing security infrastructure. Nomios not only provides profound cybersecurity expertise, but also offers continuous support to ensure the TEHTRIS XDR Platform remains robust and adaptive to evolving cyber threats. Our team manages, maintains and updates the platform diligently to provide the highest level of protection for your organisation.

We also offer tailored training and awareness programs. These initiatives educate your employees about best practices in cybersecurity, empowering them to become the first line of defence against threats.

In conclusion, we strongly advocate for the adoption of TEHTRIS-oriented XDR as the European-centric solution to safeguard complex OT environments. Now is the opportune time to embrace this powerful solution and embark on a journey towards a safer digital landscape for European industries!

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