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Manufacturers are always on the lookout to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and to understand the latest technological trends to help them reach these goals.

Developments in security and networking technology have accelerated the past years and continue to do so. Industry 4.0. Industrial Internet of Things. Smart factories. Terms you’re either already familiar with or trying to demystify to understand how they can improve your current processes.

We’re here to help in providing the tailored services and solutions you need. This way, you can count on us as your strategic and operational partner to ensure you have implemented the latest and most suitable technologies for your cybersecurity or network infrastructure needs.

Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Industry 4.0, smart factories and smart warehousing demanding upgraded network and security solutions
  • Increased connectivity and automation resulting in more cyberthreats
  • Ensuring reliable oversight in data breach detection
  • Compliance with GDPR and other data security regulations
  • Lack of manpower and access to expertise regarding complex architectures
  • Management challenges and difficulty overseeing all activity and processes in an efficient manner
Industrial & manufacturing

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Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing custom solutions for our customers. Discover in which areas we can support your IT team.


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Success story

EQIOM connects and secures branches with integrated SD-WAN and cloud security solution

EQIOM specializes in the production and distribution of building materials for the construction and civil engineering sectors. With plants, quarries, platforms, and cement works all over France, EQIOM is recognized for the know-how and reliability of its technical, logistical, and commercial teams.

When the contract for its remote MPLS-based WAN networks was coming to an end, EQIOM turned to its long-standing partner Nomios. Together with the security and network experts at Nomios, EQIOM researched the possibilities for the renewal of its private lines and the advantages of SD-WAN.

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