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WALLIX4OT enhances cybersecurity across key industries by managing remote access and user rights with advanced PAM solutions.

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WALLIX4OT: Securing Critical Infrastructures with Advanced PAM Solutions

Empowering Key Sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture & Food, Utilities, Transportation & Logistics

OT Security in the IoT Era: Centralization and Control

The biggest challenge for IoT teams today is undoubtedly the centralization and control of remote access. The manufacturers have imposed their remote access tools to date, and the result is a multitude of more or less secured VPN solutions scattered throughout the plants.

Many cyberattacks in OT start by exploiting an unsecured remote access tool, so it is imperative to centralize these open doors and provide control, visibility, and traceability to them.

WALLIX Dual Approach to Industrial Environment Security

  • Defense in Depth: Due to the criticality of its activities, OT cybersecurity is more than any other environment subject to a security approach at all levels. User authentication, session control and security, removal of rights, hardening of engineering and supervision stations.
  • Zero Trust: it is crucial to consider the suppliers rights and authorizations throughout their connection path. Cyberattacks are increasingly based on the whole supply chain and it is therefore very important to consider that any external or internal user is a potential threat.

The power of the Bastion in PAM

The bastion is integral to WALLIX4OT, offering fine-grained control over user rights and behaviors. This includes protocol breakdown, behavioral analysis, and a meticulous approval workflow, ensuring unparalleled security management.

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Advanced PAM4OT Control Panel: Showcasing WALLIX4OT Capabilities in Operational Technology Security


Application-to-Application Password Management

At the core of our PAM solution is a sophisticated Application-to-Application Password Manager (AAPM). This technology ensures that automated processes, crucial in operational technology environments, are executed securely. By managing, rotating, and monitoring application credentials, WALLIX4OT mitigates risks associated with hard-coded or static passwords, a common vulnerability in many OT systems.


Strengths of PAM in Critical Industries

WALLIX4OT's cutting-edge Privileged Access Management solutions are uniquely designed to address the specific security needs of various critical industries. From manufacturing to transportation, WALLIX's PAM system provides the highest level of protection, ensuring operational continuity and resilience against cyber threats.

In an industry where precision and uptime are paramount, WALLIX4OT secures the backbone of your production lines. Our solution protects against unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring continuous, secure operations and safeguarding intellectual property.

As the sector evolves with smart farming and food processing technologies, safeguarding these innovations is essential. WALLIX4OT ensures that access to critical systems is strictly controlled and monitored, thereby protecting the food supply chain from farm to fork.

In utilities, uptime and reliability are non-negotiable. WALLIX4OT's robust PAM solution guards against potential cyberattacks that could disrupt essential services like water, electricity, and gas.

This sector is increasingly reliant on technology for efficient operations. WALLIX4OT ensures secure access to these systems, protecting against disruptions that could have far-reaching impacts on the supply chain and public safety.

Securing the Future with WALLIX4OT

In conclusion, WALLIX4OT stands as a pillar of security in an increasingly interconnected world, providing advanced Privileged Access Management solutions tailored for critical industries. From manufacturing to transportation, WALLIX4OT not only strengthens cybersecurity but also ensures operational efficiency and protects against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. It's an indispensable tool for any industry looking to safeguard its digital and physical assets in the age of IoT and beyond.

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