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WALLIX Bastion Session Manager

Comprehensive solution ensuring digital asset security, regulatory compliance, and enhanced IT administrator productivity.

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Secure your digital assets and comply with industry regulations with WALLIX Bastion Session Manager

In today's fast-paced digital world, safeguarding sensitive data and complying with stringent cybersecurity regulations is crucial for every organization. With the WALLIX Bastion Session Manager, you can secure, control, and audit privileged session activities, ensuring the highest level of protection for your IT infrastructure.

WALLIX Bastion Access Management


WALLIX Bastion Session Manager provides an all-encompassing solution for privileged session management, seamlessly combining real-time monitoring, regulatory compliance, and advanced security features. Enhance productivity with our user-friendly interface and empower your IT administrators with the tools they need for efficient privileged session oversight. Safeguard your digital assets and sensitive data from cyber threats, and ensure your organization is protected from the inside out. Secure your future with WALLIX Bastion Session Manager today.

  • Gain real-time insights into privileged user activities, monitor their actions, record sessions, and terminate suspicious activities.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with detailed audits and traceability, meeting the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27001, and more.
  • Implement a Zero Trust policy with extensive session monitoring and management to safeguard your digital assets from insider threats.
  • Empower IT administrators with a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that enhances productivity and ensures easy control over privileged sessions.
  • Leverage live session sharing for remote collaboration, training, and system maintenance.
  • Accelerate incident response and analysis with comprehensive logs and visibility, and integrate with security platforms like SIEM, IDS, and SOAR for deeper analysis.
  • Utilize video recording and replay of all session activities, including clicks, keystrokes, and command-line inputs, for powerful search capabilities.
  • Enable automated sign-on for privileged access, preventing credentials from being revealed.
  • Protect against suspicious files with integration with ICAP-based antivirus solutions.
  • Implement feature-rich approval workflows, ensuring strong control over session activities, duration, and timeout management.

Your key to cybersecurity

Don't leave your digital assets and sensitive data vulnerable to cyber threats. With WALLIX Bastion Session Manager, you can ensure the highest level of security for your IT infrastructure, meet industry regulations, and enhance the productivity of your IT administrators. Safeguard your organization's future and take control of your cybersecurity landscape today.

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