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FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate: Virtual machines Next Generation Firewalls.

FortiGate: Next-Generation Firewalls models and specifications

FortiGate NGFW is available in many different models to meet your needs ranging from entry-level hardware appliances to ultra-high-end appliances to meet the most demanding threat protection performance requirements. This ensures that enterprise campus, core data-centre, or internal segments, FortiGate can fit seamlessly into your environment.


FortiGate virtual machines


  • Throughput | 12 Gbps
  • vCPU | 1x vCPU core, (up to) 2 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM01, -VM01V

  • Throughput | 12 Gbps
  • vCPU | re1x vCPU core, (up to) 2 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM02, -VM02V

  • Throughput | 15 Gbps
  • vCPU | 2x vCPU cores, (up to) 4 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM04, -VM04V

  • Throughput | 28 Gbps
  • vCPU | 4x vCPU cores, (up to) 6 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM08, -VM08V

  • Throughput | 33 Gbps
  • vCPU | re8x vCPU cores, (up to) 12 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM16, -VM16V

  • Throughput | 36 Gbps
  • vCPU | 16x vCPU cores, (up to) 24 GB RAMa

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VM32, -VM32V

  • Throughput | 50 Gbps
  • vCPU | 32x vCPU cores, (up to) 48 GB RAM

FortiGate virtual machines

FortiGate-VMUL, -VMULV

  • vCPU | Unlimited vCPU cores and RAM

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