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TEHTRIS expands partnership with Nomios to the Benelux

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Amsterdam, July 4, 2023- TEHTRIS, the French provider of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform in the fight against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage, has signed a new partnership with Nomios, a European provider of solutions and services for cybersecurity and secure networks. While the companies were already working together in France, the partnership has now been extended to several regions worldwide, including the Benelux. As a result of the partnership, Nomios' integration services, managed services, and SOC will use TEHTRIS solutions, including the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform (eXtended Detection Response) is a hyper-automated cybersecurity solution that detects, analyses, and neutralises ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, and zero-day attacks, among others, autonomously and in real-time. Developed and hosted in Europe, the platform secures the files and information of international customers without reading their content – making TEHTRIS compliant with European regulations, including the GDPR and NIS2. The TEHTRIS XDR Platform is also ISO 27001-certified. As a member of the cybersecurity ecosystem, TEHTRIS shares threat intelligence with various non-profits and provides interfaces with multiple solutions for augmented remediation.

Nomios understands the unique challenges faced by IT managers, including the focus on innovation and adaptability to achieve business growth, while also reducing costs for the overall organisation. The company works closely with its customers to ensure the security of their IT networks and Nomios' cybersecurity experts offer integration services, audit and consulting, and customised support services. Nomios focuses on the field of Operational Technology (OT) as well, especially since many companies are still unaware of the threats cyber-attacks pose to their OT assets and their cyber security measures are usually not tailored to operational technology.

Together, TEHTRIS and Nomios will support businesses and public administrations. The joint offering will also be tailored to the specific challenges of both IT and OT, as for other sensitive environments. Nomios is an award-winning TEHTRIS Partner with highly trained, certified engineers and experts, all of whom have the right technical know-how and hands-on experience to design, implement, and manage a TEHTRIS-based solution to meet the specific requirements of each enterprise.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership in the Benelux with TEHTRIS, a renowned provider of advanced Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions,” declared Mohamed El Haddouchi, Managing Director and Group CTO at Nomios. “By harnessing powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms, we empower businesses to strengthen their security posture and safeguard critical assets. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide our cybersecurity solutions and extend our managed detection and response services to businesses across various sectors. Together, we are committed to secure our customers against increasing cyber crimes and empower organisations to thrive in today's digital landscape.”

“For the last two years, our collaboration in France with Nomios as a TEHTRIS Elite Partner has delivered tremendous value to our joint customers. We are delighted today to strengthen this Partnership, expand Internationally, and augment the range of high-quality services provided,” says David Junca, Chief Revenue Officer at TEHTRIS. “Combining the state-of-the-art capabilities of our hyper-automated XDR platform with Nomios-certified cybersecurity expertise enables the detection and response to the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Together, we make both IT and OT environments safe, and compliant with the most recent European regulations.”


Founded in 2010, TEHTRIS is the editor of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, a global expert in real-time automatic neutralisation of cyberattacks without human intervention. With its "Security & Ethics by design" engineering, this solution provides cybersecurity specialists with a holistic view of their infrastructure while ensuring the confidentiality of their data. Interoperable, the TEHTRIS XDR Platform is compatible with market security solutions through its APIs and integrated orchestrator. Thanks to its technology, the company positions itself as a European trusted third party.

In collaboration with its international partners, TEHTRIS XDR Platform monitors, analyses, detects and neutralises threats worldwide for major players in the industry, transportation, engineering, services, and administration. Continuously monitoring cybercrime and listening to its clients, TEHTRIS accompanies them in minimising risks, facing the unexpected, and becoming the best guardians of their cyberspace. In November 2020, TEHTRIS achieved a record-breaking Series A funding of 20 million euros, followed by a second funding round of 44 million euros in October 2022. TEHTRIS is recruiting to accelerate its development and continue its technological research strategy.

About Nomios

Nomios is a leading European provider of solutions and services for cybersecurity and secure networks. The company has a broad customer base across widely varying sectors. In 19 years, Nomios has grown into an organisation with more than 20 offices in 8 European countries and is continuously improving its own professional services, managed services, support, and SOC offerings. Nomios has the most experienced, loyal, and skilled engineers in the industry, according to several independent surveys. The company has strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, including Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks, Cisco, Fortinet and F5. In January 2019, IK Partners, a leading pan-European private equity firm, acquired a majority stake in Nomios Group.

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