Global media company transforms network security with visibility and Network Access Control (NAC)

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Infradata supports a leading Dutch media company to strengthen the security of the network through Network Access Control (NAC). With this security solution, the security policy for access to the entire network as well as endpoint security is greatly improved.

Faster response to automation network incidents

Physical and virtual devices are constantly connected to the (wireless) network. As a result, the media company needed more insight and control over these connected devices.

With the experts from Infradata and the NAC solution from ForeScout, the network managers of the media company see in real-time which devices are connected to the network. Additionally, any potentially irregular behaviour on the network is immediately visible, allowing the network administrators to intervene or in certain situations, an automated set of actions can be triggered. The administrators also have full control over the access possibilities of all connected devices.

Additional CounterAct solution from ForeScout

The additional CounterAct solution from ForeScout also offers the possibility to automatically implement security measures for deviant behaviour. When endpoints do not meet the organization's standards, for example, the ForeScout platform can automatically perform one or more policy-based enforcement and recovery actions. For example, an e-mail notification can be sent automatically about non-compliance, or mandatory remediation takes place (from among other software updates) to full quarantine or access prevention.

Network Access Control from ForeScout ensures that:

  • Unauthorised devices and applications can not be on the network
  • Authorised devices are configured with the latest operating systems and up-to-date antivirus software
  • Weaknesses are correctly patched
  • Encryption and data loss prevention agents always work
  • It prevents users from using unauthorized applications or additional devices on the network

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