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We provide a unified security approach that enables defenders to correlate threat activity across the entire network to protect every endpoint, fixed or mobile.

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Endpoint security solutions protect endpoints such as mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and even medical and IoT devices. Endpoints are a popular attack vector, and the goal of an attacker is to not only compromise the endpoint but also to gain access to the network and the valuable assets within.

Endpoint security

Protect your organisation against malware and other cyber threats

Our endpoint security solutions include continuous monitoring, rapid time to detection, and architectural integrations. With threats continually increasing in sophistication and frequency, it is more important than ever to deploy an effective endpoint solution.

Modern endpoint security solutions take a cloud-based approach to endpoint security to instantly access the latest threat intelligence without requiring manual updates from security admins. This allows for faster and more automated responses. They continuously monitor all files and applications that enter your network and have the ability to scale and integrate into your existing environment.

Cloud solutions offer scalability and flexibility and are much easier to integrate and manage. There is also less overhead since there is no infrastructure to maintain and the installation process is faster and simpler.

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Our approach to endpoint security

Defeat ransomware with machine learning

To stay ahead of fast-moving threats, you need AI-powered security that shuts down unknown threats before they can cause harm. Inline analysis stops exploits that lead to infection, and always-up-to-date machine learning models monitor behavior to pre-emptively stop unknown and zero-day threats, including ransomware.

Stop threats instantly everywhere

Targeted attacks never stop at one attempt or entry point. Endpoint prevention must be automatically and instantly coordinated with network security, malware analysis and threat management solutions to ensure you remain protected. This closes security gaps, stops dangerous variants, shuts down lateral movement and ends proliferation.

Call in the special forces

When attackers strike, security teams must act quickly and efficiently. Automated playbooks ensure mitigation steps are taken, buying time to coordinate a response. When needed, incident response teams deploy faster, hunt smarter, investigate deeper and contain completely, so you can limit your damages and get back to business.
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