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Thousands of companies rely on's communication and payment platform every day. operates in over 190 countries, has more than 25,000 customers and more than 300 employees. delivers mobile messaging, payment services and digital identification solutions.

CM has offices in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, China, Dubai, South Africa, Germany and France. Companies that use the platform include Heineken, Unicef, Rabobank, Parkmobile and

Nomios Group helps to realise a secure network as the foundation for global growth

After years of growth, saw an explosive increase of complexity, data consumption and latency on the existing network as more and more customers were using the services of This created the need for a new network foundation so that the platform could grow globally. To ease and speed up software applications deployment, the in-house development team of, consisting of over 100 developers, also needed an agile and lean network environment. Transforming to a future-proof network infrastructure would also enable the onboarding of new networks, deliver high-performance and provide more control to make optimal use of network functions.

“With this infrastructure we built together with Nomios Group, we are now able to own it ourselves and do a lot ourselves. We also have a scalable solution to provide this global infrastructure that we need to facilitate our services.” - Jan Saan, CTO at
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Jeroen van Glabbeek (left) and Gilbert Gooijers, the founders of

Worldwide scalable, secure and multi-cloud ready solution

With its worldwide clientele and the scale on which operates, it is crucially important that the network is stable and secure, but also flexible enough to introduce new services and products. Together with Nomios Group, the traditional static network was replaced by a robust underlay and an overlay network. This overlay network provides segmentation between various products as well as network security between different components of a product. By using an overlay network, it is possible to build a new virtual network within minutes, without having an impact on the other overlay networks and associated products. is a DevOps company that develops its own applications. By applying network segmentation in the overlay network from day one, security is already enforced during the development of an application. This results in an application that is secured on multiple layers (defence in depth).

The hardware and software stack of includes technology from Juniper Networks, Dell and the VMWare virtualisation platform. The new globally scalable environment offers built-in redundancy. Applications run on multiple virtualised networking environments offering greater flexibility for when changes need to be implemented. This way new networks can be simply added to the network after company takeovers for example. Based on the Juniper vSRX, virtual firewalls are also installed within the virtual network environment.

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Software-defined and virtualised network platform

In the near future, will also benefit from Software-Defined Networking (SDN) advantages. With Juniper Contrail and the virtualised edge routers vMX, effective and automated orchestration is possible. Rapid deployment of Virtual Machines supports global scalability and enables bridging between computing, storage and the network for optimal connectivity. Juniper vSRX virtual firewalls are also installed within this virtual network environment. builds its own campus with secure enterprise network is currently building its own campus with more than 150 new workplaces. Nomios Group will supply secure wireless network solutions from Aruba Networks to the new facility. This will provide employees with fast and secure workspaces while network administrators can manage endpoints for optimal on-site network security. Thanks to this scalable Secure enterprise networking solution, has complete control over the network infrastructure on their campus.

“Based on my experiences I would certainly tell people to call Nomios Group and ask them to help you out. Because they will get you to the next level." - Jan Saan, CTO at
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