NaaS Networks as a Service

Network as a Service (NaaS) is a consumption model that helps organisations to easily manage the network without owning, building, or maintaining their own infrastructure.

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For a well-managed total network infrastructure, specialist knowledge is required, which is scarce. Due to this scarcity, there may be risks associated with not performing updates in a timely manner, failing to implement security patches, and incorrect configuration settings. All of this can happen while your network appears to be performing well, as there are no complaints from users. This poses significant risks.

With Network as a Service (NaaS), organisations can fully outsource the delivery, implementation, management, maintenance, and lifecycle management of their network infrastructure. With NaaS, you can enjoy complete 24x7 support of your network infrastructure at fixed and scalable monthly costs with a pay-per-use model. You only pay for the services you use.

Through a subscription model, you can map out your operational costs (OpEx) with this approach. This includes hardware, software, management tools, licenses, and lifecycle services.

Network as a Service

Six benefits of NaaS

icon No upfront investment
No upfront investment
There is no capital investment (CapEx) needed. This eliminates budget uncertainty with fixed monthly operational costs (OpEx). This helps with effectively planning your resources.
icon Scalability
NaaS enables organisations to quickly and easily scale up or down their network resources, depending on their needs, without having to invest in additional hardware or software.
icon Flexibility
NaaS services are delivered through a cloud model to provide more flexibility and customisation than traditional infrastructure. Additionally, NaaS offers flexible subscription models to support different consumption needs and quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
icon Access from anywhere
Access from anywhere
NaaS provides global coverage with low-latency connectivity. Employees have access to the network from anywhere and on any device without relying on VPNs. This helps remote work and facilitates collaboration.
icon Improved security
Improved security
NaaS solutions provide on-premise and cloud-based security to meet current business needs. This accelerates the transition to a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.
icon Simplified network management
Simplified network management
With NaaS, organisations can outsource the complexity of managing and maintaining their own network infrastructure to a third party. This can simplify network management and reduce the burden on IT staff.

Why choose NaaS from Nomios?

Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing customised solutions for our clients. You decide to what extent you want to outsource your network infrastructure, and Nomios is flexible in that regard.

Additionally, we are not dependent on a fixed network partner. We provide brand-independent advice and work with you to determine which network solution best suits your situation.

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