Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN)

Nowadays cybercrime is big business. Every year, this market is worth more than two billion dollars. That’s more than the gross domestic product of many countries! It, therefore, makes perfect sense for cybercriminals to try and maximise revenue and profits by developing ever more inventive ways of stealing sensitive information and digital assets.

Surviving this increasingly sophisticated threat landscape means staying one step ahead of the latest threats and techniques to ensure that your defences are as robust as possible.

Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) protect your business using real-time intelligence and machine learning. The adaptive technology that fuels SDSN knows when and how to defend devices, data and infrastructure throughout your organisation.

What does SDSN do?

  • Simplifies multi-vendor security environments, increasing efficiency in case of cyber-attacks.
  • Provides tools with deep insight into attacks so that security experts can do their job better and faster.
  • Offers real-time protection of your network, devices and data against unknown and malicious malware such as ransomware.
  • Efficiently rolls out script-building services for installation, upgrades, configuration and monitoring.

SDSN in action

The best way to illustrate how Software-Defined Secure Networks operates is through a practical example. An employee working from home opens an infected email attachment. As a result, his laptop is infected with malware that has been designed to infect other computers in the network. If the employee reconnects with the corporate network he could infect all of the other computers within the organisation. However, if the company in question has deployed SDSN technology, the malware outbreak will automatically be restricted to the employee’s computer.

SDSN - a cloud-based security service

SDSN acts as a cloud-based security service and automatically detects threats and attacks. When a device in the network is infected with malware or other malicious items, an effective SDSN solution will quarantine the device to prevent further damage. The most efficient SDSN solutions can stop an attack within 30 seconds. This security policy is initiated automatically and will monitor every device in the network in real-time.

Key features of SDSN

Software-Defined Secure Networks combines a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation firewalls with:

  • Visibility and management: Network-wide insight into threats and malicious behaviour combined with dynamic policy control and precise security device management.
  • Advanced detection: Real-time threat intelligence enables the efficient mitigation of malware, including ransomware damage. A cloud-based solution, which constantly learns in an ever-changing environment, delivers the intelligence required to prevent the damage caused by the attack.
    Enforcement and termination. Dynamic distribution of updated policies and actions across the entire network stops malicious traffic and quarantines infected devices.
  • SDSN offers continuous, real-time protection across the business: All of which means that you can focus on the core activities of your organisation and allow your profits and revenue to grow.

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