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Vectra Detect

Vectra Detect is the most powerful way to find and stop cyberattackers in real time.

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Vectra Detect

A critical part of the Vectra cyberattack detection and threat-hunting platform, Detect™ from Vectra® is the fastest, most efficient way to find and stop cyberattackers in cloud, data center, and enterprise environments. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time attack visibility and put attack details at your fingertips.

In addition to empowering quick, decisive action in response to in progress attacks, Vectra Detect provides a vital starting point for professional threat hunters that use Recall™ for deeper investigations.

By combining advanced machine learning techniques – including deep learning and neural networks – with always-learning behavioral models, Detect quickly and efficiently finds hidden and unknown attackers before they do damage.

Vectra Detect provides enterprise-wide visibility into hidden cyberattackers by analysing all network traffic from cloud to enterprise, authentication systems and SaaS applications. This leaves attackers with nowhere to hide – from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices.

As part of the Vectra Detect subscription, software updates with new threat detection algorithms are delivered to customers on a regular basis to ensure they are continuously protected from the latest advanced threats.

The NDR Platform

icon Detect more
Detect more
Eliminate alert fatigue and focus on what matters most with real-time attacker behavior detections.
icon Empower teams
Empower teams
Expand human expertise and increase speed by having AI do the thinking. Our security domain-based AI adds value to your security team.
icon Address threats
Address threats
Respond to in-progress threats with renewed confidence and precision while minimizing the impact on security workflows and business operations.

Detect for AWS

The need for speed and agility in today’s alwayson, always-connected digital business has led IT teams to transform the traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native architectures, but often at the cost of security.

The rise of DevOps and the use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have been foundational to this change and are now the norm. But where as security traditionally fell on dedicated teams, it now often falls on the developers themselves, and as a result, when speed and agility increase, so does the risk of introducing security issues. Public cloud environments have grown incredibly complex and are in constant change; deploying a cloud application in a secure manner is at this point impossible.

According to Gartner, 99% of cloud security failures that occur through 2025 will be the customer’s own fault. Cloud providers are responsible for the availability and infrastructure, not the user, application, and data security. And even the organisations that have dedicated security teams quickly find that legacy operations and the traditional security practices don’t translate well to the public cloud, and the gap is growing as the cloud surface area that needs to be protected and audited is constantly changing.

Detect for AWS

icon Reduce risk of cloud services being exploited
Reduce risk of cloud services being exploited
Agentless runtime monitoring of applications, users, roles, serverless compute, and storage.
icon Rapidly detect threats against AWS infrastructure
Rapidly detect threats against AWS infrastructure
Detect and prioritize cloud cybersecurity threats without relying on signatures, agents, V-Taps, or static policies.
icon Automate response to attacks on applications running in AWS
Automate response to attacks on applications running in AWS
Native integration with AWS and 3rd party solutions automatically stop attacks without impact to service.
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Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD

Microsoft Office 365 is a high-value target for attackers, as it serves as not only an organisation’s email, but also a repository for OneDrive and SharePoint documents and sensitive data.

Prevention tools and tactics have proven insufficient: 30% of organisations suffer from account takeovers every month despite email security intended to stop phishing, and rising adoption of strict password policies and multifactor authentication to protect accounts.

With preventative security falling short, organisations are investing in detection and response solutions that allow them to find and stop attackers in their environments before they spread or cause harm.

As the industry’s first network detection and response solution for the cloud, Vectra Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD extends the proven platform that currently protects public clouds, private data centers, and enterprise environments to Microsoft Office 365. The award-winning approach leverages security research combined with data science to create an AI that understands real attacker behaviors and account privilege abuse in Azure AD. By taking a cloud-native approach, Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD detects and stops known and unknown attacks before they lead to breaches, without relying on preventative security.

Identity is the new security perimeter

icon Secure cloud applications
Secure cloud applications
Protect your workforce and their data by making sure the cloud accounts and identities they leverage for apps is not being stolen, compromised, or abused by attackers.
icon Strengthen account security
Strengthen account security
Extend existing preventative credential security like MFA and Access Rules with real-time monitoring of account behavior and authentication flows to detect attacks before they lead to breaches.
icon Stop cloud attacks
Stop cloud attacks
Detect and respond to cloud lateral movement, privilege escalation, golden ticket attacks, and other related threats by connecting and prioritizing all accounts used in an attack, from cloud to ground.
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