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Trend Vision One: Gain essential visibility for your protection through our unified, open, and scalable cybersecurity platform

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The proliferation and complexity of cyber threats entail new challenges, notably that of understanding your overall attack surface (ASM) and prioritizing the risks to which you are exposed. Trend Vision One™, a unified cybersecurity platform, enables you to control your cyber risks and respond more quickly to threats affecting your entire infrastructure.

Through the deployment of native XDR across email protection tools, workstations, mobile devices, servers, cloud applications, and network appliances, along with comprehensive AI-powered prevention, detection, and response features, you gain centralized visibility of risks and prioritized alerts that accelerate threat detection and response.

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Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security

Whether for desktops, mobile devices, servers or cloud workloads, you need a single solution offering a unified view to react faster, increase your operational efficiency and improve your overall security posture.
With Trend Vision One - Endpoint Security, you can - regardless of your environment (on Premise, Cloud, Multicloud or Hybrid) - benefit from EPP-EDR capabilities for detection, prevention and protection at every stage of the attack chain. This enables you to perform risk mitigation actions and manage policies and licenses, all from a single location.

With Trend Micro's participation in the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), you also benefit from proactive protection against vulnerabilities without service interruption, even before patches are made available by vendors and on operating systems that are no longer under maintenance.

Market recognition

We are one of only 4 vendors to be named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security EPP-EDR Q4 2023 report. We score highest in the Strategy category, with top marks for innovation, product roadmap and market adoption.

In its report, Forrester urges customers of endpoint security solutions to choose vendors that focus on prevention, enhance user productivity and ensure a seamless transition from EDR to XDR.

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Trend Micro™ Email Security

Email stands as the preferred vector for ransomware and targeted attacks. Thus, it is crucial to employ the most effective email security solution for safeguarding your business. Trend Micro™ Email Security encompasses gateway and API-based tools designed to protect Microsoft O365 and Gmail solutions, among others. These tools deploy a combination of cross-generational techniques, including email impersonation detection technology, machine learning-based antimalware, sandbox detonation, URL analysis, and XDR telemetry uplink. These proven methods enable the detection of a broad spectrum of phishing, malware, and ransomware emails, extending protection to all collaborative tools through solutions available in both SaaS and legacy On-Premise versions.

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Trend Micro™ Cloud One

The digital transformation that began several years ago and is accelerating involves multiple challenges in which Trend Micro™ Cloud One supports you in order to automate the detection and protection of public, private and virtual Cloud environments while protecting the network layer to ensure effective and sustainable Cloud migration.
Our CWPP workload protection, container protection, CSPM security and compliance posture management, cloud storage protection and Applications Security tools offer a complete CNAPP-CDR approach managed from the Vision One console.

Market recognition

IDC has awarded Trend Micro first place in global market share for Cloud Workload Security (CWPP).

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Trend Micro™ Network Security

Securing the network is essential in a robust defense strategy. Swift and precise detection and response to threats are key success factors.

Trend Micro™ Network Security provides threat detection and response (NDR) on the network to analyze contextual indicators from at-risk network segments, typically unknown, such as unmanaged resources and Shadow IT.

Companies thus gain resilience against threats and attacks through our hybrid NDR and IPS solution, addressing all use cases in SaaS, On-prem, and hybrid environments, all from a single Vision One console.

Market recognition

Trend Micro has been recognized as a leader by the Forrester Wave report on Network Analysis & Visibility in the second quarter of 2023.

They were also acknowledged as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Q4 2021, achieving the highest score in the "Current Offering" criterion. Today, Trend Micro's leadership in Network Analysis & Visibility (NAV) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR), services provided by their cybersecurity platform Trend Vision One™, equips them to provide you with the necessary tools to detect unknown threats and protect against them.

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TXOne Networks

TXOne Networks by Trend Micro offers all-encompassing cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and security of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) environments through the OT Zero Trust methodology. Trend Micro collaborates with industry leaders and critical infrastructure entities to develop practical approaches to cyber defense that eliminate security vulnerabilities prevalent in industrial environments.

Their OT protection tools enable securing isolated and outdated environments without service interruptions and performance impacts on production lines.

Global leader in threat research

Threat research

With 35 years of experience, 15 global threat research centers, hundreds of researchers and data scientists, and over 10,000 independent researchers, Trend Micro consistently gathers information to better protect you. Their researchers provide cybersecurity insights 24/7 on known threats, vulnerabilities, and forecasts across various network domains: cloud, gateway, emails, web, network, server, endpoints, mobile, and IoT/IIoT.

Trend Micro's expertise has led them to collaborate with international governments and law enforcement organizations, such as Interpol, the United Nations, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to create security policies and apprehend numerous cybercriminals over the years.

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Trend Micro has also been recognized as a leader in global vulnerability research and discovery since 2007.

The Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™ (ZDI) is the global leader in vulnerability research, and in 2021, it identified the highest number of confirmed vulnerabilities among 11 providers in this field, accounting for 63.9% of the global total, reaching 1,543.

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