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Application Accelaration

Fast, agile, and predictable delivery of applications to anyone, anywhere.

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Application Acceleration

Ensuring the fastest, most reliable delivery of SaaS, cloud and on-premises applications to optimize the productivity of the modern workforce.

SaaS Accelerator

Accelerate the performance of SaaS applications including Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

Fast, always-available SaaS applications

Riverbed delivers the only cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) acceleration service, purpose-built for today’s dynamic workforce to ensure consistent performance of leading SaaS applications for anyone, anywhere, regardless of distance.

A key pillar of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform , SaaS Accelerator offers end-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of leading enterprise SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more - along with a built-in software-defined ECDN for great user experiences of live and on-demand video with Microsoft Teams and Stream.

With today’s on the go, global workforces that need to remain always-on, it’s increasingly hard to predict each user’s experience of the applications they use to stay productive. This cloud-based, fully managed service accelerates SaaS application performance by overcoming network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictable user-experiences of today’s mobile workforce.

Easy, flexible deployment

With a simple, subscription-based software license activation, SaaS Accelerator spins up in the cloud and works in conjunction with any SteelHead appliances at branch sites, or Client Accelerator on workforce laptops. It does not require any changes to the SaaS provider’s infrastructure. Enterprises choose which applications to accelerate based on workforce requirements.

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Cloud Accelerator

Expedite the migration to the cloud and accelerate access for users from virtually any location.

Simplify cloud adoption and accelerate performance for application users and developers everywhere

Riverbed Cloud Accelerator is an infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment that accelerates migration and enhances access and reliability for any workload.

Today’s digital landscape has expanded to multi-cloud, hybrid networks, as well as an almost endless array of new cloud-based business applications and workloads. As a result, enterprises are addressing new concerns about the unpredictable performance of cloud workloads impacting overall business productivity. Data takes longer to get to and from distant locations, and therefore, the performance of cloud workloads may be hindered by latency. In some instances, bandwidth may be insufficient for certain types of modern workloads. Riverbed Cloud Accelerator runs on leading IaaS platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate migration and access to workloads through proven data, transport and application streamlining, ultimately increasing time to market, enhancing employee productivity, and delivering maximum cloud value to the business.

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Client Accelerator

Fast and Secure Apps for Today’s Work-from Anywhere Workforce

Exceptional workforce performance - At home, in the office, and on the go

The modern workforce is more distributed and dynamic than ever, consuming business applications from home offices, business locations, client sites and anywhere else on-the-go. As a result, the network conditions users face are ever-changing and unpredictable. This hurts the ability of enterprises and organizations to ensure that workers get the app performance they need to be productive, wherever they may be.

Riverbed Client Accelerator delivers leading-edge app performance to today's work-from-anywhere workforce. Delivered in a software-only form factor, Client Accelerator extends best-in-class WAN optimization and app acceleration technology to remote users working from anywhere, providing fast and secure access to on-prem, IaaS, and SaaS-based apps across any network.

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