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Nokia IP Networks

Ensure long-term profitability by evolving your IP network.

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Build scalable, secure and adaptive networks

Nokia's IP Networks portfolio lets you combine massive capacity with tremendous capability. Powered by breakthrough silicon and software innovations, our products and solutions support an insight-driven, automated model for high-performance networking. They help you embrace the cloud, 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities by enabling you to build more scalable, secure, and adaptive networks.

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Ensure long-term profitability by evolving your IP network

Insight-driven IP networks let you deliver services faster, run your network more cost-effectively and ensure that your customers get the Quality of Experience (QoE) and security they expect. They help you seize the opportunities of the cloud, 5G, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) era by enabling you to:

  • Meet your capacity, cost and performance objectives
  • Fine-tune your network based on real-time traffic insights
  • Streamline your network operations
  • Close the loop between business intent and service outcomes

An insight-driven IP network enables you to align business intent and service outcomes with a new operational model based on advanced network visibility and control. It translates massive volumes of network data into insights that you can use to program better network behaviours and performance.

Nokia helps you realise this new vision of networking with:

  • Massively scalable, high-performance IP routers that let you support push-based models for data telemetry and model-driven programmability
  • A big-data analytics processing engine that gives you actionable insights by ingesting, filtering, verifying and correlating petabytes of data about security and IP traffic flows
  • SDN control that translates your intent into actions to program the network, uses actionable insights to confirm that the outcomes meet your goals and takes corrective action as needed
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