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JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance

JRR200 simplify networks with 10-GbE, large routing tables, and zero touch provisioning.

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JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance

The JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance is an excellent solution for service providers, data centers, and enterprises with large routing needs. It offers 64-Gbps Packet Forwarding with 10 x 1/10GbE Ports, and 20GbE WAN connectivity in a space-efficient design. Benefit from support for 50 Million RIB Entries, reducing operating costs while ensuring efficient network performance. With Junos OS and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) support, deployment becomes quicker and more straightforward. Simplify your network with the JRR200's feature-rich BGP control and avoid the need for separate hardware and software support, enhancing cost-effectiveness across various use cases, including cloud services and distributed networks.

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JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance

Features and benefits

Get carrier-grade reliability for every application.

Simplify network topologies and operations dramatically with local 1GbE wire speed.

Streamline your installations using an integrated solution that merges high-density Juniper hardware with virtual route reflector (VRR) software.

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