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Security Director

Unifying management, consistent policies, and seamless transitions for enhanced network security.

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Enhance network security with Juniper's security director

Unified management and seamless transitions

Juniper's Security Director provides a user-friendly and unified management experience that seamlessly connects your current network deployments with future architectural expansions. With Security Director, you can ensure the security of your entire network infrastructure by enforcing consistent security policies across different environments. It extends the principles of zero trust from the network edge to the data center, enabling you to achieve comprehensive security. Security Director offers a single interface for continuous visibility, policy configuration, administration, and access to collective threat intelligence, simplifying your security operations.

Juniper understands your needs and supports your existing investments, allowing you to transition to your preferred network architecture at your own pace. By leveraging Security Director Cloud, the transition process is automated, making it easier for you to embrace new technologies and enhance your network security.

Key features:

  • Simultaneous Management of Tens of Thousands of Sites: Effortlessly handle a large-scale network infrastructure with the ability to manage and administer tens of thousands of sites simultaneously. This feature enables efficient network management and centralized control across diverse locations.
  • Comprehensive Policy Creation for Threat Prevention and Access Control: Create robust policies that encompass validated threat prevention, precise user and application access control, and secure connectivity. These policies can be tailored to meet specific security requirements and can be easily applied and enforced across your network.
  • Enhanced Security for Private and Public Cloud Workloads: Protect your private and public cloud environments with the power of metadata-based security controls. This feature ensures that your workloads are shielded against threats and unauthorized access, providing an added layer of security for your cloud infrastructure.
  • Advanced Threat Analysis and Mitigation: Correlate and analyze each stage of an attack, regardless of the detecting product, to gain comprehensive insights into the threat landscape. With this capability, you can proactively identify and stop threats across your network using one-click mitigation, effectively minimizing the impact of security incidents.
  • Security Assurance for Accurate Rule Placement: Security assurance guarantees that security rules are correctly placed to achieve their intended effectiveness. With this feature, you can have confidence that your security measures are properly implemented, reducing the risk of misconfigurations and ensuring optimal security posture.
Security Director

Functions and benefits

Easily handle application security, firewalls, and security intelligence, as well as manage VPN, IPS, and NAT security policies, all from a single interface. This comprehensive solution is accessible both on-premises and in the cloud, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your network security.

Effortlessly apply security policies across a large-scale network consisting of tens of thousands of SRX Series firewalls and site locations. With the ability to manage multiple logical system instances for each SRX Series device, you can ensure granular control and customization of security settings throughout your network infrastructure.

Streamline the enforcement of security policies across your entire network, encompassing firewalls, routers, and switches, by leveraging automation. This approach ensures accurate implementation, promotes consistent security measures, and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.

Effortlessly connect and analyze detection events across your security infrastructure, effectively monitoring and tracing every step of an attack. Through automatic correlation, you can prioritize security incidents based on their risk level and severity, enabling you to respond promptly and effectively to potential threats.

Access comprehensive reporting with powerful logging features whenever you require detailed insights. Benefit from robust logging capabilities that provide you with extensive information and data, empowering you to gain valuable visibility into your network operations.

Leverage the power of Security Director to enhance security management innovations across your network infrastructure. Optimize your network's capabilities by implementing Security Director, unlocking advanced security features and enabling efficient security management practices.

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