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Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access

FortiClient, a Fortinet Fabric Agent, delivers visibility, control, and ZTNA

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Secure access with Fortinet ZTNA

Fortinet ZTNA, empowered by FortiOS 7.0, delivers robust secure access solutions, with the Unified FortiClient agent playing a pivotal role. This agent enables remote workers to securely connect using zero-trust principles. It supports Universal ZTNA- and VPN-encrypted tunnels, URL filtering, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionalities. Additionally, FortiSASE offers cloud-hosted Universal ZTNA, CASB, and Secure Web Gateway (SWG), inclusive of the Unified FortiClient agent. Central management is streamlined through FortiClient EMS.

Enhanced endpoint protection

The Unified FortiClient agent goes beyond basic protections, offering advanced security capabilities such as AI-based next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint quarantine, and an application firewall. It supports cloud sandbox integration, USB device control, and ransomware protection, fortifying endpoints against diverse cyber threats.

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Features and benefits

icon ZTNA
Offers improved remote access with consistent application access policies, ensuring secure and efficient operations for offsite employees.
icon Fabric agent
Fabric agent
Provides critical telemetry information and leverages integrations within the Fortinet Security Fabric, enhancing overall security posture.
icon Web filtering
Web filtering
Ensures web security and content filtering, protecting users from harmful online content and cyber threats.
icon Software inventory management
Software inventory management
Umożliwia kompleksową widoczność i zarządzanie licencjami na oprogramowanie, pomagając w efektywnym wykorzystaniu zasobów
icon CASB
Controls access to cloud-based applications, offering insights into shadow IT, thereby fortifying cloud security.
icon Automated response
Automated response
Detects and isolates compromised endpoints swiftly, mitigating potential security breaches.

Enhanced security and compliance with FortiClient

FortiClient, a key component of Fortinet's security solutions, offers a wide range of applications to bolster and secure contemporary enterprise environments. It provides comprehensive endpoint visibility and compliance, integrating endpoint and network security with advanced automation. This includes secure remote access through always-on, encrypted tunnels, complete with posture checks and ongoing verification of users and devices. FortiClient also features robust endpoint hardening capabilities, encompassing vulnerability scanning, automated patching, software inventory management, and application firewalls.

Advanced protection and seamless integration

In addition to basic protections, FortiClient excels in advanced endpoint security with machine learning anti-malware, behavior-based anti-exploit techniques, and comprehensive web content filtering. It integrates seamlessly with FortiSandbox for real-time analysis of new files and employs Active Directory information for effective role-based access control within the network. The Unified FortiClient agent facilitates Universal ZTNA- and VPN-encrypted tunnels, URL filtering, and CASB functionalities. Complementing these features, FortiSASE extends FortiClient's capabilities with cloud-hosted services, ensuring streamlined management and thorough endpoint protection.


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Your dedicated Fortinet experts

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