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EfficientIP DDI and network automation solutions help companies to deploy more agile, reliable and scalable public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud (VMware, OpenStack), and hybrid cloud infrastructures through intelligent orchestration and end-to-end automation. To help make sure “cloud lock-in” is avoided, the DDI solution supports multi-cloud and leading orchestrators.


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SOLIDserver IPAM offers the “IP source of truth”, consolidating data on apps, devices and IP-related information from on-premise, private cloud and public clouds. This ensures consistency and integrity of IP address plan to prevent overlapping namespaces and limits overhead in the provisioning and deprovisioning process.

The solution provides cross-platform capability to manage millions of IP addresses and multi-vendor DNS/DHCP services in a unified and centralised managed platform, aiding resource planning and scalability challenges of dynamic infrastructures. Deployment velocity of apps and services is boosted.

The unified DDI solution enables corporate policy enforcement across the entire infrastructure. In addition, EfficientIP DNS Security provides protection against data exfiltration, behavioral threat detection and improved application access control. Lastly, the solution is able to fuel the security ecosystem with centralised zoning information.

Multi-hosting implied by multicloud requires optimal traffic routing for improved user experience, efficiency and security. EfficientIP’s Edge DNS GSLB feature dynamically steers application traffic to the most suitable datacenter based on app health, thus enhancing UX, app availability and disaster recovery.

SOLIDserver API-first DDI integrates seamlessly to leading orchestrators and configuration managers to bring deployment velocity of apps and services, leading to faster time to market. The solution is ready to be integrated to an automation abstraction layer in order to ease DevOps and Infrastructure as Code initiatives.

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EfficientIP Smart DDI products

icon SOLIDserver DDI
DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management appliances.
icon SOLIDserver DDI for Cloud
SOLIDserver DDI for Cloud
SOLIDserver for cloud & virtualisation.
icon IPAM for Microsoft
IPAM for Microsoft
Simplified, secured and unified management.
icon IPAM for Linux
IPAM for Linux
Simple & unified management of BIND DNS & ISC DHCP services.
icon Identity Manager
Identity Manager
Enrich your DDI automation with identity information.
icon NetChange
Automated network device configuration and management.
icon Device Manager
Device Manager
Unify DDI, VLANs and network interface management.
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