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Cumulus Networks

The industry's most innovative open network operating systems.

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Open networking software for the modern data centre

Cumulus is leading the transition of the data centre market from a closed and proprietary environment to one that embraces open, standards-based systems. Unlike anyone else in the market, they build networking products purely with Linux. Our customers can leverage its standard interfaces and rich ecosystem to achieve a new level of control of cost and operations — previously accessible only to the largest web-scale operators.

By transitioning to open networking, we believe organisations of all sizes can affordably build and efficiently operate their network like the world’s largest data centres. Our customers can run their data centre networks the way Google and Facebook have done for years — highly automated, flexible and efficient, without all the development time or expensive, specialised hardware. We call it web-scale networking.

Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux is the industry's most innovative open network operating system that allows you to automate, customise and scale your data centre network like no other.

Why choose Cumulus Linux?

Cumulus Linux is the only open network OS that allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network like the world’s largest data centre operators, unlocking web-scale networking for businesses of all sizes.

icon 130+ hardware platforms
130+ hardware platforms
Choose from an extensive list of qualified and supported hardware based on the latest innovations in merchant silicon.
icon Complete standardisation
Complete standardisation
Reduce complexities and get complete interoperability with Linux across your entire data centre.
icon Network protection
Network protection
Receive additional levels of security exclusive to Cumulus Linux in addition to industry-standard security features.
icon Flexible open architecture
Flexible open architecture
Enables you to customise your network and scale seamlessly.
icon Reduce Cap EX
Reduce Cap EX
By lowering the cost of acquiring open switches and optics.
icon Reduce OpEX
Reduce OpEX
By leveraging existing talent and assigning more switches per engineer.
icon Built for automation first
Built for automation first
Most comprehensive end-to-end automation for CI/CD workflows including simulation, validation, troubleshooting and NetDevOps practices.
icon Faster IT delivery
Faster IT delivery
Leverage native integration and best-of-breed tools for automation, monitoring, analytics and more.
Cumulus NetQ

Network operations

Cumulus NetQ is a highly-scalable, modern network operations tool set that provides visibility into your overlay and underlay networks in real-time. NetQ delivers actionable insights and operational intelligence about the health of your data centre — from the container, virtual machine, or host, all the way to the switch and port, enabling a NetDevOps approach.

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Cumulus Networks

Why choose Cumulus NetQ?

icon Streamlined upgrades/configurations
Streamlined upgrades/configurations
Lifecycle management capabilities enable push button simplicity via NetQ's intuitive GUI interface.
icon Gain real-time intelligence
Gain real-time intelligence
Correlate configuration and operational status, instantly identify and track state changes for your entire data centre.
icon Reduce downtime
Reduce downtime
With quick alerts, faster troubleshooting and proactive detection.
icon Remediate faster
Remediate faster
Detect faulty network states and get alerts with precise fault location data.
icon Remove complexity
Remove complexity
Rich graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies operations and increases operator efficiency by quickly highlighting issues through visualizations and alerts.
icon Diagnose root causes
Diagnose root causes
Trace network paths, replay the network state at a time in the past, review fabric-wide event change logs, and diagnose the root cause of state deviation

Cumulus Networks is redefining data centre networking.

Instead of focusing on siloed solutions, at Cumulus Networks, they transform every stage of the networking lifecycle — from architecture, design, build, deployment and operations — with their two core products, Cumulus Linux and Cumulus NetQ. Cumulus Linux is the most flexible network operating system available because it runs on Linux. Our customers access flexibility, efficiency, speed and choice with a unified stack and a feature set designed for the digital age. With Cumulus NetQ, we empower organisations with full network validation and reduced downtime and even extend network visibility into containers.

The network is a critical part of the data centre that has traditionally been a bottleneck for the rapid deployment of applications. From provisioning and deployment to monitoring and operations, we believe in completely transforming the industry by enabling a web-scale IT architectural approach.

Boldly breaking the status quo

The team at Cumulus Networks is comprised of some of the industry’s most renowned technology innovators responsible for some of the most significant advancements in networking. Cumulus Networks broke into the industry with the first Linux operating system for networking hardware — filling a critical gap in realising the true promise of the software-defined data centre.

Cumulus Networks is not just defining the future of networking. They are actively creating it with Nomios and our customers. The list of product features and services are heavily dominated by in-house innovations and developments, and their leadership team and engineering talent are bringing thought leadership and support to the open networking community. Cumulus Networks is transforming the networking industry by bringing web-scale IT and innovations to the data centre.

Cumulus Networks


95% faster deployment

75% raised efficiency

60% reduced TCO

1,500+ customers

Your dedicated Cumulus Networks experts

Nomios Group is an award-winning Cumulus Networks Partner with advanced specialities and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognised by Cumulus Networks as technical experts and advocates of Cumulus Networks solutions. That means you can count on Nomios Group for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement and manage a Cumulus Networks-based solution to suit your needs.

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