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Armis is a leader in discovering connected devices, including IoT, IoMT, OT, IT, and managing the vulnerability of all these devices. The goal is to map your devices in real-time and secure them.

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Armis Security offers advanced security solutions to help businesses monitor, protect, and manage their IoT infrastructure and corporate networks. These solutions use behavioral analysis techniques and advanced security methods to detect and prevent potential threats, enabling companies to take appropriate security measures to safeguard their data and critical assets.

Discovery and Mapping

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Armis is a solution for discovering all types of devices, OT, IoT, IT, connected to a wired or Wi-Fi network. The solution provides a comprehensive inventory of hardware devices, their operating systems, and their communications.

If you don't understand what's on your network, in your infrastructure, how could you even begin to secure these devices? Armis offers many features that help to understand your attack surface. Armis makes it easier to comprehend connected devices, whether they are managed or unmanaged, especially in the context of IoT.

The riskiest assets are those that are not visible, such as unmanaged endpoints and IoT devices that cannot be detected or secured with agent-based security and IT tools. A passive, agentless device security platform can overcome this barrier, ensuring that every device can be identified and protected with confidence.

Devices using vulnerable and unpatched applications or operating systems pose a risk to your business. By analyzing network traffic, the Armis platform identifies devices using these vulnerable applications or operating systems, providing you with a complete view of your attack surface and the information you need to mitigate risks.

With the Armis platform orchestrator, you can quickly and easily create policy-based automated actions for virtually any situation. Trigger vulnerability scans on new devices, create new assets in your CMDB, submit incident tickets in ITSM, and much more.

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Vulnerability Analysis and Cyber Risk Management

Evaluate the risk associated with each device and prioritize the correction of critical vulnerabilities to quickly reduce your attack surface.

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Detect the most dangerous vulnerabilities on your devices for better visibility and reduced false positives.
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By prioritizing vulnerable devices and providing contextual data, you effectively reduce risks for your business. Contextual data and risk scores reduce mitigation time.
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Comprehensive and intuitive dashboards allow you to manage your company's vulnerability lifecycle.

Cybersecurity by Industry

Security for Industry 4.0
Security for Healthcare
Energy and Public Services
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IT and OT Integration

Discover, categorize, and gain enriched context for every element in industrial environments, including information technology (IT) devices such as servers, laptops, IP cameras, and badge readers, and operational technology (OT) such as SCADA systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and distributed control systems (DCS). Prevent security issues in manufacturing with Armis Collective Asset Intelligence, the world's largest crowd-sourced cloud-based device knowledge base.

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Connected Healthcare

Armis ensures comprehensive security for healthcare assets by providing precise discovery, contextual insights, and continuous security without disrupting patient care. Gain visibility into managed and unmanaged medical devices and the entire healthcare device ecosystem.

  • Precise Discovery: Locate up to 5 times more assets, including connected clinical devices, in real-time.
  • Contextual Insights: Utilize a unified platform for enriched views of each device with adaptive risk assessments.
  • Continuous Security: Actively manage risks and protect patient safety without interrupting care.
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Protect your critical infrastructure from attacks.

Detect and repel attacks: Continuously monitor all connections in your environment and receive alerts for abnormal behavior indicating an attack.

Understand attack surfaces: Prioritize protecting vulnerable areas with real-time device inventory, risk assessments, and visibility into critical assets.

Comply with cybersecurity standards: The Armis platform helps you adhere to NERC-CIP and NISTIR 8228 standards for securing IoT devices in your environment.

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