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In November 2020 we informed you of some upcoming changes to the way you raise support cases as we move to a new Infradata Support Portal. Most importantly we will no longer accept tickets being raised via email as we are unable to provide comprehensive SLA reporting based on email delivery.

A number of customers have been in contact with questions and we have compiled the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) that should answer the majority of your questions. Your service delivery manager or account manager will also be able to assist you with any queries that you might have.

1. Why is Infradata making these changes?

Infradata support continually seeks to improve customer satisfaction when answering support queries. We have wanted to provide customers with clearer ticket status updates and SLA reporting for some time and the new portal allows this to do this.

2. Why can't I raise email tickets anymore?

Email is unreliable as a means of communication and we can not base an SLA off of email delivery. The new portal allows us to accurately measure ticket times and as such provide an enhanced and clearer SLA report to customers.

3. Will the Infradata support phone number change?

No, you can still your local country number to access Infradata support for P1 and P2 issues:

4. I have a managed service with Infradata - is this affected by this change?

Yes. When you access the portal you will have the ability to request a change to your Managed Service as opposed to raising a support case.

5. Currently we rely on our own systems sending you an email to raise a support case, what happens now?

Please get in touch with us if this is the case and a member of our administration team will work with you to assess your needs.

6. Will I need to sign up again?

The creation of user accounts is being done on a daily basis. Our customers receive emails generated by the system to invite them to setup their password. The user guide and other documentation are also attached to the welcome email.

7. Can we review who has access to the portal?

Yes, you can either ask your service delivery manager or send an email to [email protected] to provide a list of associated users, or if you wish to directly change access you can raise a P4 case in the portal to add or remove a user.

8. Will I be able to review old/closed tickets in the new portal?

We will not be migrating old tickets to the new portal however should you require one or two older cases to be migrated across please raise a P4 ticket within the new portal and an analyst will assess your request.

9. What if we have an existing issue that was raised before the switch over?

Any current support tickets will be dealt with under the existing processes and portal until they are resolved, up until the end of January at which point any cases that remain active in the old system will be migrated by our team.

10. Will my SLA with Infradata be altered?

No, your contractual SLA will remain in place, however, the new portal will allow us to report more accurately on our achievement against this.

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