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Nomios Group and Alepo Technologies successfully deploy advanced AAA solution for VodafoneZiggo

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  • Carrier-grade redundancy ensures high availability and robust authentication and accounting
  • Customised authentication policies for granular access control enhances network data security
  • Built-in API gateway to adapt to VodafoneZiggo’s existing provisioning, thus eliminating changes to their existing IT systems
  • Seamless integration with VodafoneZiggo’s centralised enterprise user database to comply with their security policy for managing Alepo AAA

Friday, April 19, 2024, Arnhem, Netherlands – Alepo Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Nomios, a provider of secure network solutions, to successfully deploy an advanced Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) solution for VodafoneZiggo, a leading integrated communications provider in the Netherlands.

VodafoneZiggo’s decision to upgrade to Alepo’s AAA solution reflects its commitment to modern, secure technologies for enhanced network performance. Alepo solution streamlines broadband authentication and guarantees high performance and low latency, particularly during peak traffic. Additionally, it supports increased concurrent sessions and reinforces VodafoneZiggo’s network security. This advancement is a crucial step in today’s digital landscape, emphasising the importance of protecting user data and privacy alongside delivering an advanced network experience.

The carrier-grade, geo-redundant solution ensures high availability, robust authentication, and accounting for large subscriber bases. Customised AAA authentication policies for granular access level control further enhance VodafoneZiggo’s network security. The built-in API gateway enabled rapid integration with VodafoneZiggo’s existing provisioning systems, eliminating the need for changes to their IT landscape.

“We’re excited to have partnered with Nomios and Alepo to find the right AAA platform for our requirements. Alepo’s stood out for its advanced capabilities, integration experience, and service excellence.” said Dick Loef, Technology Manager, VodafoneZiggo

The solution also features Alepo’s AAA EMS, which provides unified visibility and control across all AAA nodes from a single pane of glass. This allows VodafoneZiggo’s network and security teams to pinpoint and resolve issues more efficiently. The deployment demonstrated Alepo’s core network expertise by integrating its AAA seamlessly with VodafoneZiggo’s systems without service disruption. The migration of subscribers was completed smoothly, with no downtime or impact on subscribers.

About Alepo

Alepo makes next-generation data opportunities a reality, creating advanced software solutions and services that enable global communications service providers to accelerate revenue growth, market share, and business success on fixed and mobile broadband networks. For over a decade, Alepo has been the go-to technology partner for all things data at leading service providers.

About Nomios Group

Nomios is a leading European provider of cybersecurity and secure networking solutions and services and has a broad customer base in highly diversified sectors. In 20 years, Nomios has grown into an organization with more than 20 offices in seven European countries and has continuously expanded its professional services, managed services, support, and SOC offerings.

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