Juniper Networks expedites 5G Transformation for Service Providers

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Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks announced a major refresh to its metro, edge and core solutions to accelerate service providers’ 5G transition. Comprised of IP optimized silicon enabling industry-leading 400GbE density on a new 14.4Tb line card, new ACX access and aggregation platforms and an expanded MX 5G router portfolio, these new solutions help service providers achieve a holistic approach to infrastructure transformation. Combined with Juniper’s Contrail software portfolio, these new infrastructure enhancements deliver a secure, automated and cloud-centric architecture that unlock new revenue opportunities for service providers.

5G Security requires a holistic approach to transformation

5G networks offer providers an opportunity to increase revenues through new services, such as near-zero latency IoT, AR/VR and connected car applications. However, with these services comes exponential traffic growth and heightened performance demands, new 5G security threats and operational complexity. To meet these demands, service providers must transform their networks to be secure, automated and cloud-ready, capable of delivering diverse services in a simple, yet agile and cost-efficient way.

Providers require a holistic approach to transformation, one that encompasses infrastructure, operations and cloud-native service delivery to realize the full economic benefits required to be successful in today’s market. Juniper Networks' new solutions give providers an operations-driven approach to infrastructure transformation built on best-of-breed security, automation and cloud capabilities. To complement these new infrastructure enhancements, Juniper’s widely deployed Contrail software portfolio enables service operators to transform from managing individual devices to automating the full operational lifecycle with one integrated software suite, simplifying the design, implementation and operations of the network.

ACX700 Universal Metro Routers and industry-first 400GbE native MACsec support

Juniper is introducing an expanded Metro Fabric portfolio to deliver an adaptive, agile and secure network infrastructure for simplified service creation and delivery.

Juniper introduced an entirely new routing portfolio in 2018 that addresses metro traffic growth rates as they outpace all other network segments due to the explosion of LTE, IoT and cloud-based services. By introducing Juniper Metro Fabric, a new approach was established to enable service providers with adaptive, agile and secure network infrastructure for network simplicity and service automation. The ACX Universal Metro Router portfolio continues to expand to address all use cases across access, pre-aggregation and aggregation to assist in the transitions from 4G LTE to 5G.

New today:

  • 1 RU ACX700 Universal Metro Router: This high-capacity access router provides IPsec transport, precise timing and bandwidth requirements found in the 5G era for agile service delivery. The 1 RU ACX700 also meets the environmental requirements at remote sites with 24x10GbE and 4x100GbE port densities in a compact hardened form factor.
  • 3 RU ACX700 Universal Metro Router: This router delivers high-availability and high-capacity bandwidth required for mission-critical sites projected to scale at fast rates. The 3 RU ACX700 offers 2.4Tb of total system performance in a temperature-hardened form factor for both pre-aggregation and aggregation.
  • New Edge Innovations: Juniper is extending the MX Series Fifth Generation (5G) Universal Routing Platform benefits found in the MX960/480/240 to their flagship MX2000 series of routers with the introduction of their Penta Silicon powered MPC11E line card. The new MPC11E line card in the MX2000 Series 5G Universal Routing Platform delivers a three-fold increase inline card and system capacity with an industry-leading 4Tb per slot capacity for high-capacity edge routing platforms.
  • New Core Innovations: Juniper’s new Triton Silicon enables end-to-end secure connectivity at scale with an industry-first 400GbE native MACsec support in a networking chip. Triton Silicon will propel the PTX10008 and PTX10016 Universal Chassis into industry-leading positions for 100GbE and 400GbE density. The new Juniper Triton Silicon delivers a ~70 percent power efficiency gain (~0.15 watts per gigabit) over existing Junos Express Plus silicon, leading to a 380 percent bandwidth increase over the previous generation line cards in the PTX10008 and PTX10016.
  • The Juniper Penta Silicon-powered MPC11E line cards for MX2000 and Triton Silicon-powered 14.4Tb line cards for the PTX10008 are expected to be available during the second half of 2019. The 1 and 3 RU ACX700 will be available in early 2020.
  • Complementing these infrastructure enhancements, Juniper’s Contrail integrated software suite enables service providers to transform from managing individual devices to automating the full operational lifecycle, simplifying the design, implementation and operations of the network.

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