Diameter signaling controller (DSC-DRA-DEA-IWF)

The next generation diameter signaling controller (DSC).

The Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is the Next Generation Signaling Controller and Interface Gateway for 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi, Number Portability, IT and M2M networks. It is a unique, single-design software solution for DRA, DEA and interworking. The service orchestration GUI allows users to freely combine protocols with onboarding functions to set up advanced service scenarios, without the need for scripting or development.

Functions include diameter routing, any-to-any interworking, mediation, protocol conversion, load balancing and advanced service logic for a wide range of protocols. These protocols include Diameter, RADIUS, HTTP, LDAP, ENUM, SS7 and more. With DSC you have everything you need for advanced routing and interworking in one single software solution. This is what makes DSC the smartest choice for operators, vendors and integrators, enabling advanced use cases across networks, technologies and systems.

Diameter routing and interworking across technologies and domains

With a flexible and integrated set of routing and service creation capabilities, the Diameter Signaling Controller works across 3GPP based networks (2G, 3G, LTE, IMS), non-3GPP networks (Wi-Fi, Cable, DSL, FTTH, Fixed) and IT domains, without the need for R&D or scripting. As a Next Generation DSC, all functions relevant to Diameter routing and interworking are supported, including:

  • Diameter Routing Agent and Edge Agent for any Diameter application, including Gx, Gy, Gz, Rx, Ro, Rf, Sy, Sh, SLh, S6a, S6b, S6d, S9, S13, SWm, SWx, Cx, Dx, Wg (NASREQ), Wx, Diameter SIP Application, MM10 and SCAPv1/v2;
  • Intelligent routing: the ability to route Diameter messages based on various Diameter parameters or combinations of parameters;
  • Stateless and stateful load balancing/sharing;
  • PCRF binding for VoLTE and VoWi-Fi;
  • Admission/access control, message screening;
  • Diameter firewall (GSMA FS.19 including Cat. 0, 1, 2 and 3 filtering mechanisms);
  • Congestion control, ingress and egress throttling, overload protection, SLA enforcement;
  • AVP level mediation and manipulation;
  • Network topology hiding;
  • Subscriber Lookup Function (SLF), routing based on external data sources (e.g. LDAP, HTTP, ENUM);
  • Steering of roaming;
  • Number Portability (lookups, routing, mediation, caching);
  • Interworking with SS7/MAP, RADIUS and various IT protocols (REST, SOAP, LDAP, ENUM etc.).

Hardware-agnostic solution, supporting NFV and cloud deployment

The Diameter Signalling Controller runs on any off-the-shelf hardware or in a virtualised environment. DSC is built from the ground up as a 100 per cent pure software solution, supporting virtualisation and cloud deployment such as VMWare, KVM, Xen, OpenStack and Amazon. An additional advantage is that the DSC does not rely on specialist hardware or proprietary operating systems. By offering the ability to deploy a DSC on a common platform, Nomios Group supports operators and vendors to migrate from proprietary appliance based systems to a standard hardware and cloud based infrastructure.

The DSC is an extremely flexible, high performance signalling controller. It runs standalone or can be seamlessly embedded into the majority of new and existing systems, supporting any network or IT interface with minimal implementation effort. It simultaneously handles multiple connections on different interfaces in the operator’s network, for both Diameter and non-Diameter interfaces. Running a DSC as a virtualised network function on standard hardware helps operators and vendors to lower costs and increase flexibility, helping you to speed up new service introductions.

Benefits of Diameter Signaling Controller

These are the major differentiators of DSC compared to traditional Diameter Signaling Controller products:

  • Unique integrated solution, combining DRA, DEA and IWF on one single platform;
  • One solution for any-to-any protocol interworking and routing, not just Diameter;
  • Works across Diameter, RADIUS, SS7 and IT protocols;
  • GUI based services orchestration, configurable service logic without scripting or additional development;
  • Fastest time to market for service innovation with extensive mediation and interworking capabilities;
  • Most complete MAP-Diameter interworking function (on-board);
  • Enables stateful scenarios using the on-board session database;
  • Supports integration with subscriber databases and IT systems;
  • Robust, carrier grade solution, N+1 scalable, high available, geo-redundant;
  • Software based, supporting the use of standard hardware, virtualization and cloud deployment;
  • Structural reduction of integration efforts, hardware costs and vendor lock-in.
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