Trusted at organisations large and small.

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    "The conversation with Nomios is always so easy – there are no flashy slides, no pushy selling, just a collaboration to help us achieve what our business needs. We have a very open relationship where they advise us on how we can get the most out of the vendors in terms of the best product, best price and best service. It’s never felt like anything other than a partnership."

    Placeholder for Tristan CrichtonTristan Crichton
    Tristan Crichton
    Head of Networks
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    "Nomios are essential in safeguarding our customer experience and network integrity."

    Placeholder for Kim larsen tmobileKim larsen tmobile
    Kim Larsen
    Chief Technologie and Information Officer
  • Logo eBay Classifieds Group

    "Developers in our business units need new features rolled out. The main reason for moving to the cloud is to speed that process up. With the Nomios solution, turnaround time has been reduced to a few hours."

    Placeholder for Maarten moermanMaarten moerman
    Maarten Moerman
    Manager of network engineering
    eBay Classifieds Group
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    "To create a future proof telco cloud, our IT team set out to build one of the most advanced, operationally efficient network data centres possible, with the support of Nomios."

    Placeholder for Akim ZiadiAkim Ziadi
    Akim Ziadi
    Head of ICT Infrastructure
    Post Luxembourg