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Early detection of cyber security threats, data-driven situation awareness, accurate decision making and faster response and mitigation to security incidents require advanced security management programs and a holistic security approach. A cyber threat management framework is required to cover security prevention, detection and response.

Key security challenges for enterprises:

  • Reducing time taken to detect and mitigate cyber threats.
  • Lack of cyber skills to detect the “needle in the haystack”.
  • Access to advanced cyber threat intelligence and understanding the context anomalies.
  • Operational efficiency when managing cyber threat management programs.

Nomios's cyber threat management solutions are designed to mitigate all cyber threats, with a focus on persistent threats that specifically target enterprises with the aim of stealing data and damaging assets. Cyber threats can manifest as suspicious network activity, malicious code, viruses, Trojans, root kits, unauthorised data transfers, phishing attacks and exploited vulnerabilities.

Unified insight and control for external threats

Effective cyber threat management solutions prevent these threats before a large-scale data breach or widespread asset damage can occur. Targeted malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) use multiple phases to break into a network, avoid detection, and harvest valuable information over the long-term.

Nomios offers professional services, managed services and technology from leading vendors to help enterprises increase their security posture by implementing an efficient cyber threat management program and augmenting existing security processes.

Our solutions include:

  • Automated Intelligence gathering and threat analysis.
  • Real-time advanced monitoring of threats and anomalies.
  • Advanced cyber analysis and forensic capabilities.
  • A combination of technology and skilled security experts to analyse data and facilitate faster decision-making and response automation.

The benefits

  • Improve security posture effectiveness by using a multi-layer security model and integrated platform that brings network-, cloud- and endpoint security into a common architecture with complete visibility and control.
  • Gain visibility into all attack stages in a unified manner, enabling a seamless threat analytics workflow.
  • Evolve to a proactive security model based on risk management and driving better, more informed responses to security incidents.
  • A hybrid service delivery model enabling a fully managed offering initially, followed by transitioning operations in-house as overall cyber threat management capabilities improve.
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