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Packet optical

Single-box convergence solutions to help operators simplify operations, lower transport costs, and tap new revenue opportunities.

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Packet Optical


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Packet optical

Juniper Networks ACX5400

The ACX5400 line of Universal Metro Routers is ideal for Ethernet service aggregation and packet-optical convergence. Offering GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE connectivity options in a 1 U footprint, the ACX5400 line gives you the flexibility to create high-density networks with the interfaces you need to support your unique traffic demands.

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Packet optical

Juniper Networks ACX6000

The ACX6000 line is optimized for disaggregated and open-line architectures. It combines packet-optical convergence, 100GbE client interfaces, and 100/200 Gbps line-side interfaces to address a wide variety of use cases. Among these are business, cable Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), residential fiber, mobile backhaul, and enterprise applications.

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Packet optical

Juniper Networks MX240

Modular router offers up to 3 Tbps of system capacity and embedded MACsec and IPsec encryption in a compact form factor; optimized for cloud, campus, enterprise, data center, service provider edge, cable, and mobile service core deployments.

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Packet optical

Juniper Networks MX480

Modular router delivers up to 9 Tbps of system capacity and embedded MACsec and IPsec encryption for cloud, campus, enterprise, data center, service provider edge, cable, and mobile service core deployments.

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Packet optical

Juniper Networks MX960

Modular router delivers up to 12 Tbps of system capacity and embedded MACsec and IPsec encryption for large cloud, data center, service provider, cable, and mobile service core deployments.

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Packet optical

PTX10008, PTX10016

The modular, cloud-optimized Juniper Networks PTX10008 and PTX10016 Series Routers address the massive bandwidth demands being placed on networks. With high scalability, 400GbE in-line MACsec, and power efficiency of 0.14W per gigabit, these routers deliver extraordinary capacity for space- and power-constrained peering and collocation facilities, using minimal rack units.

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Packet optical

Juniper Networks QFX10008 and QFX10016

  • QFX10008: 13 U chassis that supports up to 8 line cards.
  • QFX10016: 21 U chassis that supports up to 16 line cards

Both QFX10008/16 modular chassis can accommodate any combination of the following QFX10000 Ethernet line cards:

  • QFX10000-30C-M: 30x100GbE/40GbE MACsec-enabled line card.
  • QFX10000-30C: 30x100GbE/40GbE port line card.
  • QFX10000-36Q: 36x40GbE or 12x100GbE port line card.
  • QFX10000-60S-6Q: 60x1GbE/10GbE port line card with 6 port 40GbE/2 port 100GbE.
  • QFX10000-12C-DWDM: 6x200Gbps per line card; 1.2 Tbps per line card.

Juniper Networks

proNX Optical Director

proNX Optical Director is a software platform for management and control of Juniper Programmable Photonic Layer open line system elements and Juniper coherent dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) transponder-based solutions, including the BTI Series Packet Optical Platforms and integrated DWDM transponders on MX Series routers, PTX Series routers and QFX Series switching platforms.

Based on a highly available, extensible microservices-based architecture, proNX Optical Director enables you to more easily and reliably deploy, scale, and integrate applications and services—whether from Juniper, your own software development team, or third parties.

A distinctive attribute of proNX Optical Director is its centralised management of photonic-layer control. By disaggregating the optical control plane from Juniper Programmable Photonic Layer, you can more regularly and flexibly modify control plane behaviour while maintaining service continuity, lowering operational expense, and fine-tuning transport-layer performance.

Openness and programmability are hallmarks of proNX Optical Director, which includes a Web user interface with NETCONF and telemetry APIs southbound for easy configurability and service monitoring. Rich, standards-based REST APIs northbound help you integrate proNX Optical Director simply and cost-effectively into the orchestration and business support systems/operations support systems (BSS/OSS) layers.

Combined with NorthStar Controller, proNX Optical Director plays a key role in helping you migrate to a multilayer optimised network. Using a standards-based YANG model, proNX Optical Director exchanges optical network topology with NorthStar to help you gain visibility from the photonic layer to Layer 3, improve multilayer resiliency and protection, and optimise service provisioning.

Juniper Networks

proNX Service Manager

proNX Service Manager capitalises on the strengths of the centralised proNX control software to provide operations teams with comprehensive service provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools. Use it to rapidly deploy new resources into the network using an intuitive GUI, and easily complete a variety of day-to-day operational and management tasks. Establishing new end-to-end optical and Ethernet services requires just a few simple mouse clicks, so you significantly reduce the risk of errors typically associated with hop-by-hop configuration tasks. You also spend less time and effort establishing new services. Along with the many administrative tasks facilitated by proNX Service Manager, these capabilities dramatically improve operational efficiency. They also accelerate the delivery of high-value services and your ability to adapt to changing requirements.

proNX Service Manager exposes fully functional RESTful APIs northbound, so that external applications can take full advantage of the power of the proNX engine. You can integrate your operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) and/or CRM systems to provide end customers with full visibility and control of their services. Empowering your customers this way both increases topline revenue (by reducing the time-to-service) and lowers operational costs (by offloading service activation tasks).

Juniper uses these same RESTful APIs to extend our own applications to our customers, such as proNX Dashboard, included with the proNX Service Manager package. proNX Dashboard provides network operations teams with intuitive access to real-time data from within the network operations centre, or remotely from their tablets or smartphones using a responsive Web client. proNX Dashboard also provides comprehensive access to utilisation data for future service and resource expansion planning.

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