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Bringing Artificial Intelligence to wireless networking

For centuries, new technologies have ushered in entirely new eras of progressive change in all facets of life, and have revolutionised countless industries. The invention of the steam engine brought about the industrial revolution and expanded trade and transportation. Quantum physics was the foundation of the electronics revolution that brought us transistors, TV, radio, and computers. And the Internet has brought about a stunning information and communication revolution, which is still sending shock waves across virtually every industry, and to the very core of our cultures and lifestyles.

Many pundits predict that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next big “game-changing” technology, poised to impact virtually every facet of our lives in the coming years. According to Gartner Inc., by 2020, A.I. technologies will be virtually pervasive in almost every new software product and service, and A.I. will be a top-five investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs.

In the world of wireless networking, A.I. is already showing enormous value. The Mist Learning WLAN uses machine learning and neural networks to simplify operations, expedite troubleshooting, and provide unprecedented visibility into the user experience. But we are just on the cusp of its true potential, with the promise of a true virtual wireless assistant right around the corner that can proactively identify and fix problems and predict future events quickly and reliably.

How do you take advantage of A.I. in wireless networking today, and what steps should you be taking to position yourselves for this emerging world? Let us show you how. Below is an overview of how Mist is leveraging A.I., what it takes to build an AI-driven WLAN, and what this technology can do for your business.

Distributed micro services cloud architecture

The new wireless network from Mist

Startups have always been the driving force of disruptive innovation in market transitions. In wireless, for example, Mist saw it with the transition from autonomous APs to controller architectures, which was championed by new companies like Airespace (now Cisco) and Aruba (now HPE). This phenomenon will see itself repeated with the move to AI-driven networking.

Large legacy networking companies cannot start with a blank sheet of paper and bring about an A.I. led paradigm shift into the market, because they are encumbered by existing investments in legacy solutions. Furthermore, they lack domain expertise and have resources split amongst many different silos of products. This has created a vacuum for a new wireless vendor – i.e. Mist - to lead the wireless industry into the next phase of technology adoption, driven by A.I.

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AI-powered wireless networking


icon Asset tracking
Asset tracking
Find assets everywhere at any time
icon Indoor location services
Indoor location services
Offer way finding, push notifications and asset tracking
icon Wi-Fi with assurance
Wi-Fi with assurance
Automate operations and get unique visibility into user levels
icon IT to DevOps
IT to DevOps
API-first, real-time cloud and distributed software architecture

Best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE performance

In addition to delivering the best Wi-Fi range and performance which is automatically optimized through reinforcement learning algorithms, Mist Access Points have a dynamic vBLE 16 element antenna array for the industry’s most accurate and scalable location services.

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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and IoT converged

Access Points feature integrated Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and an interface port to integrate and control analogue/digital devices. This enables Mist to bridge the physical, location and connectivity realms, unlocking value from your network and eliminating the need for complex and costly overlay solutions.

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