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Mist Risk Profiling

AI-driven security for distributed networks, assessing user and IoT risk, enabling one-touch mitigation with geospatial tracking.

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Juniper Mist Risk Profiling

Juniper Mist's Risk Profiling powered by Mist AI enhances network security across distributed access network edges, including campuses, branches, and remote work sites. It evaluates the risk associated with users and IoT devices connecting to Mist AI-managed wired and wireless solutions, analyzing their endpoint data and behavior. In case of compromised hosts or devices, Juniper Mist cloud identifies and presents them, enabling IT teams to precisely locate and address potential threats using geospatial tracking and one-touch mitigation.

This advanced security solution leverages the intelligence from Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) Cloud, protecting against unknown threats, assessing and verifying device and IoT risk, and analyzing encrypted traffic. Within the Juniper Mist cloud, threat intelligence-based actions are provided, facilitating easy one-touch mitigation to minimize or eliminate risks within the entire environment. Additionally, the system enables accurate geospatial pinpointing of infected users, devices, including IoT, regardless of their roaming status, anywhere within the network environment.

To deploy Juniper Mist's Risk Profiling, the following components are required:

  • Junos® operating system 19.4 (20.2 for ETI)
  • Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance
  • Juniper Mist WAN Assurance
  • Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud

With Juniper Mist's Risk Profiling, you can achieve robust network security at the edge, effectively managing potential risks and ensuring a safer network environment for your organization.

Risk Profiling

Features and benefits

Leveraging the power of Mist AI, Risk Profiling obtains security insights from Juniper ATP Cloud to evaluate the potential risk posed by both users and IoT devices connecting to your managed network within Mist Cloud. Effortlessly activate Mist through your Advanced Threat Prevention UI.

Within the Mist Cloud, IT teams have the capability to take proactive actions based on threat intelligence and risk scores, enabling them to quickly initiate one-touch mitigation measures like banning or quarantining infected hosts.

IT Teams get geospatial location of infected users, devices, and IoT, either moving or stationary, located on the map. This empowers you to swiftly mitigate risks within a well defined blast radius.

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