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Juniper Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

Marvis is not just another “nice to have” tool. It is an essential member of your IT team.

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Marvis Virtual Network Assistant

The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) leverages Mist AI to transform how IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), a conversational interface, prescriptive actions, Self-Driving Network™ operations and integrated help desk functions, Marvis VNA streamlines operations and optimises user experiences from client-to-cloud – i.e. across wireless access, wired access, and SD-WAN domains.

Marvis is not just another “nice to have” tool. It is an essential member of your IT team, providing unsurpassed insight and automation. It is constantly learning as more data is ingested and using this ever-growing knowledge to proactively correct issues in real-time, predict problems before they occur, and/or solve trouble tickets as part of Juniper’s unique AI-driven support model.

Marvis Virtual assistant

Features and benefits

The Marvis Conversational Interface uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to understand user intent and goals. It contextualises the inquiry to return specific results and can even take actions based on user feedback. Describe your intent to Marvis, and it will take an action without requiring you to remember specific dashboards or CLI commands to implement the change.

Currently for Android only. Get network visibility inside out, from the device’s perspective. In addition to the rich visibility of the device’s Wi-Fi experience, you can now understand how the device sees the Wi-Fi environment.

Marvis adds anomaly detection within service-level expectation (SLEs) so you can proactively identify service-impacting events and determine the root cause for rapid remediation and resolution.

Marvis uses Bayesian Inference to identify causes with the highest probability of association to problems occurring on the network. This approach delivers more accurate root cause analysis to speed problem identification and resolution.

Marvis correlates information across a large knowledge base, including WLAN, LAN, WAN, and security domains, to determine the scope and magnitude of a problem. This correlation helps you to prioritise issues, allocate resources efficiently, and reduce pressure on support teams.

Marvis Actions, a function of the Self-Driving Network™, leverages Mist AI to identify the root cause of issues across IT domains (WLAN, LAN, WAN, and security). It automatically fixes or recommends actions (driver-assist mode) with high efficacy for connected systems outside of the Juniper domain.

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Marvis Minis: Transforming Network Management with AI

Marvis Minis, powered by Mist AI, are revolutionary in transforming network management by simulating digital user connections. This innovative tool uses machine learning without direct supervision to understand network configurations and proactively identify issues, significantly enhancing the user experience.

  • Provides continuous network performance optimization with integrated, active validation, available as part of the Marvis VNA subscription without the need for additional hardware or software.
  • Utilizes self-learning technology that automatically adapts to rapid network changes and efficient issue resolution, including Dynamic PCAP, without manual setup.
  • Simplifies deployment with options for automatic and on-demand setup, focusing on a user-independent experience.
  • Enhances AI-native networks through integration with Mist AI, saving costs and enabling detailed data analysis for precise troubleshooting and learning.
  • Transforms network management into a proactive approach by providing comprehensive insights and accelerated issue resolution through Mist AI.

Marvis VS. Marvis Minis

Marvis and Marvis Minis are both essential components of Juniper's network management, but each has unique features. Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) is an AI-driven tool that optimizes IT operations across an organization's entire network. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) for natural language interactions and provides prescribed actions for various network issues. It is designed to provide broad insights and automate various aspects of network management, from client to cloud.

On the other hand, Marvis Minis specifically focus on simulating user connections to proactively test and validate network configurations. They focus on learning network configurations with machine learning without direct supervision and highlighting potential issues before they impact the user experience. While Marvis VNA offers a broad, AI-driven support and interaction model for IT teams, Marvis Minis focus on proactive validation of network configurations and issue resolution, functioning as a digital twin of the network experience.

Marvis Minis are crucial for a proactive and efficient network management strategy, providing a simple, integrated solution to maintain optimal network health. Watch our video demo to see Marvis Minis in action, demonstrating their ability to anticipate and resolve network issues, ensuring an exceptional user experience.


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