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Automate processes in networks and clouds to help you focus on your business.

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The open-source network. Automate networks faster with FRINX

FRINX connects machines (and humans). Automate processes in networks and clouds to help you focus on your business. FRINX eliminates repetition and increases visibility. FRINX helps you to find the needle in the haystack, collecting the data today that you will be looking for tomorrow. FRINX builds their solutions on open source technology and helps your engineers to get the work done with the tools they love.

Network automation that just works

Every time you need to change your infrastructure and services, FRINX captures your intent, builds the diffs and programs the network. With FRINX, the network becomes code under version control, including snapshots, commits and rollback.

Workflow, inventory and network control

Create your own workflows or use the ones that ship with FRINX Machine. Whenever you add or remove a device to the network or create or change a service, FRINX keeps track of it and makes your physical and logical assets available via REST APIs and via our Go and Python client libraries.

Validated by the world's largest networks

The largest networks and enterprises in the world rely on open source technologies like OpenDaylight or Conductor. FRINX is proud to be working with industry leaders like SoftBank, China Telecom and many others on their network control and provisioning systems.


Features & benefits

icon Frictionless
FRINX Machine runs in containers and can be deployed in a few minutes on a Ubuntu or CentOS host on premise or in the cloud.
icon Open source
Open source
Anyone can add or modify device support in FRINX's free and open source device library.
icon Workflow
Create your own workflows using your favorite language and interfaces. For all the rest you can use the workflows that FRINX ships out of the box.
icon Open config
Open config
FRINX grew up speaking OpenConfig and they picked up many vendor YANG models since then. They speak NETCONF and CLI fluently.
icon Inventory
FRINX provides data persistence for intended and operational state, inventory and time series data.
icon Transactions
When you make changes in the network you can be sure that all devices have been configured successfully or FRINX rolls back to the previous state, even for CLI devices.
icon Insight
You have all the inputs, outputs and performance metrics of your workflows at your fingertips in real time. FRINX micro service orchestration engine scales up to millions of flows and is battle tested in production.
icon Intent
FRINX's service modules allow you to express your intent and FRINX takes care of translating that to the network devices in their native languages.

Your dedicated FRINX experts

Nomios Group is an award-winning FRINX Partner with advanced specialities and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognised by FRINX as technical experts and advocates of FRINX solutions. That means you can count on Nomios Group for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement and manage a FRINX-based solution to suit your needs.

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