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Your network is distributed, your control doesn't have to be.

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Is your network ready to defend your distributed enterprise against advanced threats?

Keeping attackers out starts with better visibility into people's actions across the network, in data centres, branch offices and cloud environments.


Next-generation firewall (NGFW)

Connects and protects people and data across highly distributed enterprise networks – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security.

With Forcepoint NGFW, you can deploy and manage thousands of firewalls, IPSs, VPNs and SD-WANs – in minutes, all from a single console. Your business processes can quickly become strong, accurate controls that stop ransomware and other intrusions, while letting you properly handle encrypted traffic.

As IDC has reported, customers who switch to Forcepoint NGFW enjoy dramatic improvements in both operations and security efficiencies that cut network expenses as much as 50%, slash downtime and reduce IT risk.

Forcepoint NGFW Appliances

All Forcepoint NGFWs are built on a common software core to provide unified operation and high performance across all forms of appliances – physical, virtual, cloud. Physical – desktop, ruggedised and rack-mounted models; customisable network interfaces; firewall throughput from 1.5-240 Gbps Virtual – available for KVM and VMware ESXi Cloud – available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Find out about the certifications that the Forcepoint NGFW appliances meet.

NSS Labs Recommended

In NSS Labs’ most recent report on next-generation firewall overall security effectiveness, Forcepoint NGFW achieved the highest rating of all 11 products tested. NSS Labs latest tests prove that Forcepoint NGFW offers the leading combination of enterprise security and low cost.

Evader, by Forcepoint

The 2017 NSS Labs NGFW Test uncovered an “evasion gap”, in which many vendors’ firewalls are vulnerable to advanced evasion techniques. With Evader by Forcepoint, our ready-made evasion test lab, you can quickly see which vendors leave you exposed and which close the door on attacks.


Data loss prevention (DLP)

A single policy to protect your data, wherever it is.

With Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention you follow your data across networks and devices - both at rest and in use.

As more and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from anywhere, on any device, data loss prevention (DLP) has evolved from an option to a requirement. In the past, DLP has been associated with complicated deployments and pervading operational management issues, yet DLP is not so much a product but a strategy—success depends on methodology and execution.

With Forcepoint DLP you create and enforce policies that provision the access and movement of data to prevent data breaches and help ensure compliance with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Unparalleled accuracy-securing IP

Discover and protect unknown PII and PHI, source code, engineering drawings, M&A documents, financials, trading algorithms, and sensitive trade secrets.

Prevent cloud data loss from a single console

Gain visibility and control over data at rest, in motion, or in use across popular enterprise cloud apps, including Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and more.

Ensure regulatory compliance across 80+ countries in minutes

Prepare your business with built-in expertise for regulations involving PII, PHI/HIPAA, and 2018 GDPRwith DLP software.

Data loss prevention


icon Discover and control all of your data
Discover and control all of your data
Empower employees to work across devices, connect to multiple networks, and work within cloud apps with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
icon Identify your riskiest users in seconds
Identify your riskiest users in seconds
Reduce false positives and isolate problems faster using incident workflow.
icon Securely share data with third parties
Securely share data with third parties
Control and encrypt your data when it moves outside your organisation with DLP software.

Simplest DLP to deploy

With Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention you can follow data with automatic application of controls, even when user devices are not on the network. It helps you to get started quickly with an extensive policy library that addresses common regulatory and IP protection use cases, including GDPR. Forcepoint DLP enables textual data, including PII and PHI, to be detected and extracted from images—such as source code, engineering drawings, M&A docs, and trade secrets. It uses file and email encryption to automatically apply protection controls to sensitive or confidential files and much more.

  • Data fingerprinting
  • Predefined policy library
  • Optical character recognition
  • Automated protection
  • Advanced incident workflow
  • Single console control
  • Data leakage prevention
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