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Flowmon DDoS Defender provides AI-based detection and automated incident response based on predefined scenarios to save effort and time. It uses flow data and a combination of infrastructure and/or third-party mitigation to equip ISPs with DDoS protection that scales easily and maximizes prior infrastructure investments.

Flowmon DDoS Defender. Are you ready to go offline?

Unavailability of a critical customer application or a crash of the internal system as a consequence of a DDoS attack can cause financial loss, reputation damage or security risks. Are you ready for DDoS?

Flowmon DDoS Defender is a scalable anti-DDoS solution. It leverages statistics from routers or dedicated network probes with an advanced network traffic analysis for real-time detection of volumetric attacks led against HTTP/HTTPS applications and systems. It provides the state of the art detection of DDoS, a deep understanding of attack characteristics and a full-range of methods for successful attack mitigation.

DDoS protection

Key features and benefits

icon Scaling with business
Scaling with business
Scaling easily with business requirements, saving costs by using less resources on response.
icon Automated response
Automated response
Fully automated, but always under control, or manual and supervised.
icon Less operational workload
Less operational workload
Detection based on machine learning means less tuning of manual detections.
icon MSP ready
MSP ready
Fully multitenant, with enabled whitelabeling, ready to use to provide professional services.
icon Low rate of false positives
Low rate of false positives
Adaptive baselines and thresholds combined with the unique capability to learn from past false positives results in a small number of false positives altogether.
icon Integrations
Native integrations with top mitigation vendors means you can choose what you prefer and we’ll always be supportive of your decision.
icon Early threat alerting
Early threat alerting
10 second detection thanks to stream data processing.
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