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Cisco DNA Software

Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing, providing subscription tiers for automatic updates, advanced security, and streamlined management to enhance your network's performance and protection.

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Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing: Empowering Your Network

Explore the benefits of Cisco DNA Software subscriptions, providing automatic updates and enhanced security for your network. Keep your organization ahead of the curve with the latest innovations available through simple subscription tiers that cater to your deployment needs.

Experience simplified management, security protection, and the ability to transition to an OpEx model for more predictable financial planning. Choose from different licensing tiers, including Essentials, Advantage, and Premier, each offering advanced features tailored to meet your network requirements. Discover the power of Cisco DNA Software and elevate your network management to new heights.

Cisco DNA Software

Features and benefits

Discover Cisco DNA Software and transform your network management. Enjoy simplified management, robust security, and financial predictability with flexible licensing options: Essentials, Advantage, and Premier. Stay ahead in network innovation and security.

Immediately access the latest innovations through simple subscription tiers. You can move your licenses across deployment models—to the cloud, the premises, or new hardware.

Help your network stay protected from today's highly sophisticated security threats.

Advanced secure, centralized management and analytics tools reduce deployment and troubleshooting time.

Predictable expenditures are a welcome replacement for the peaks and valleys of past budgeting. Shifting to an OpEx model lowers organizational hurdles.

Cisco DNA Software

Explainer video: Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing

Cisco DNA Software license levels


  • Simplified management and security protection at a cost-effective price.
  • Supports secure WAN edge.
  • Cloud OnRamp for Multicloud and SaaS.
  • Centralized management console.


  • Advanced SD-WAN with enhanced security for feature-rich branch deployments.
  • Includes all features from Essentials, plus:
  • Unlimited edge device licenses and segmentation.
  • SaaS/IaaS/Colo/WAN optimizations.
  • Analytics and assurance.


  • SD-WAN security that can mitigate highly sophisticated threats to your organization.
  • Includes all features from Advantage, plus:
  • Cisco SIG Essentials.
  • Cisco Secure Malware Analytics.
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