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Back to the office with a strong Wi-Fi connection

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After months of working from home, we have returned to the office. Maybe we started with one day a week, but it seems that a hybrid work form is going to emerge. In which we will be 50% in the office and 50% working at home. This trend will bring change on several levels.

What the pandemic has taught us is that there are advantages to working from home. We can concentrate better and therefore have higher productivity, save on travel time and travel costs. Because working from home has so many advantages, it is not expected to disappear. When we do go to the office, it is mainly for the contact with our colleagues, a different working environment and generally you make decisions faster in a face-to-face meeting than via an online meeting. And when we do go to the office, we want to be able to work with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

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Changes in office work

What does this mean for our office environment? Many offices used to work with fixed spaces for employees. I noticed that before the pandemic, there was already a movement toward flexible workstations. At customers' offices, I see a mix of fixed workstations and flexible workstations. Wired and wireless connections are used interchangeably.

Now that more people have been working from home, there is more clarity about the possibilities and impossibilities of working from home. As a result of flexible or hybrid working, the occupancy rate at the offices is not expected to be 100% in the future. Because of this more flexible way of working, I get more and more questions from organisations who want a fast Wi-Fi connection that is always up and running and has a minimal impact on the IT department.

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Flexible workplaces with good Wi-Fi

With hybrid working, the use of workstations is also becoming increasingly flexible. Everyone can work at any location, but can also switch locations in between. In this situation, the Wi-Fi network is the most logical method of connecting to your digital working environment.

One consequence is that the existing Wi-Fi network is more heavily loaded than before. Is the network ready for this? I don't mean that only the speed and coverage is sufficient, but that the understanding of the network is such that the IT department can adequately support the users in case of problems.

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Nomios delivers Wi-Fi networks with management environments which can unburden the IT department. One of our solutions is the Juniper Networks Mist solution. This solution is based on a cloud environment where AI is used to tune and monitor the network. The solution filters the problems for the administrator so he can easily intervene in case of problems.

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Custom Wi-Fi network assessment

Does all this sound too good to be true? We gladly accept the challenge. We will create a test setup so you can see the solutions at work in your own environment. We even go a step further! Give us your site with the most Wi-Fi problems and we will roll out a network on which your users can work flexibly and quickly. All this while your IT department needs minimal effort to manage this network.

Nomios supports customers in expanding and tuning their Wi-Fi network with an assessment. Please contact me or one of our other Wi-Fi experts and we will be happy to explain our service to you.

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