Nxs Internet settles a deal with Infradata to provide a new Juniper network infrastructure

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Juniper Networks


Nxs Internet has chosen to cooperate with Infradata to set up a new network infrastructure. Infradata will deliver, migrate and implement the complete Juniper Networks infrastructure at Nxs. They offers services in the fields of domain registration, hosting services, co-location, rack space and managed hosting.

Nxs has chosen two Juniper MX480 routers as core routers for the locations Global Switch and SARA. These routers, both equipped with diverse 10 Gbit ports, make connections with the internet. Next to these core routers fourteen Juniper EX4200 routing switches are being placed on DCG and Global Switch. These systems replace the HP core switches and will make interconnections through the racks in the datacenters possible. The EX4200 switches contain the Juniper virtual chassis technology which offers the ability to stack 10 physical systems to one logical router. Optimal internal redundancy and scalability is herewith created.

With this new infrastructure Nxs is able to grow to a capacity of about 10 Gbit with the ability to grow further in capacity. By choosing the state-of-the-art solutions of Juniper Networks, Nxs now has a stable and quick network infrastructure.

“Through years of investing in the cooperation with Juniper Networks and the great knowledge we have developed in their products we are able to bind companies like Nxs Internet to us. We’re thrilled about this!” says Pieter Vogelaar, Sales Manager at Infradata.

For more information: NXS and Juniper Networks

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