Are you still satisfied with your remote working solutions?

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At the beginning of the corona pandemic last March, many organisations had to deal with their employees working from home in large numbers. To accommodate this change, many organisations had to rapidly scale up their remote working solutions. In most cases, this involved the purchase of additional licences for Pulse Secure, for example.

Many licence agreements run for one year. The renewal period is approaching for many organisations. Time to act on this?

Are you still happy with your remote working solution?

Perhaps you are completely satisfied with the solution and a renewal is exactly what you are looking for. Often you don't have to do anything and the renewal happens automatically. You can also renew these licences with our help. We will keep an eye on the licences and let you know when your licences are about to expire. This way, you don't have to worry about these licences and incurring expenses.

Of course, a renewal may not be the best solution. There may be various reasons for this:

  • You expect that within a year more people will return to the office and the use of VPN will drop;
  • Your organisation is not satisfied with the chosen emergency solution;
  • Your organisation has a new vision on remote working and has set other requirements for the remote working solution.

Do any of the above reasons apply to your organisation? We are happy to talk to you in order to discuss the remote working solutions for your organisation. Together, we'll find the right and future-proof solution that fits your specific situation.

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