Almost three quarters of IT security professionals claim to be better protected, but the cybercriminals are winning the war

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Top IT security investments over the next year will be in advanced threat protection, cloud and network security

Infradata today announced the results of its IT security survey conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2017. According to the IT security professionals who took the survey, 72% of organisations think they are better protected than they were twelve months ago. 21% stated that they are neither better nor worse protected, and only 7% said that they are worse protected.

However, their opinion of their peers paints a less positive picture, with only 39% believing that organisations in general are better protected. Almost the same percentage (38%) said that organisations in general are at the same level than they were one year ago, and 23% claimed that as a whole organisations are not as well protected.

The survey also revealed that a worrying 68% of respondents believe that it is the cybercriminals who are winning the IT security war.

When asked which areas they are investing in, Network and Cloud security top the list for the previous year with 17% and 13% of the spend respectively. While these areas are still in the top three for the year ahead, the biggest change shown by the survey is that Advanced Threat Protection has jumped to the top of the list with 16% of IT security spend in the year ahead.

“While it’s encouraging that most IT security professionals believe that their organisations are better protected than they were a year ago, this contradicts their view of the landscape as a whole with over 60% telling us that organisations are either no better, or even worse protected over the same period,” said Stuart Bates, Presales Director at Infradata UK. “The results also tell us that despite their best efforts, over two thirds of people think that it is the cybercriminals, not the cyberheroes, who have the edge. We have also seen a shift in IT security investment priorities from network security to Advanced Threat Protection, which probably reflects the impact of recent major attacks like WannaCry and the Mirai worm, both of which have boosted the perceived view of which side is winning the IT security war.”

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