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WLAN is essential for organisations, but it can also be unreliable and difficult to manage. One possible solution is called Mist. This innovative WLAN system based on machine learning improves predictability, reliability and measurability in WLAN infrastructures. At the same time, it gives you real-time information about your customers and their mobile devices, so you can offer new kinds of location-based services and data.

The Juniper and Mist solution provides deep insights and analytics for end-to-end networks and can deliver an exceptional user experience.

Advantages of AI-controlled wireless networks

  • Asset tracking: find assets, anytime, from anywhere
  • Indoor location services: routing, push notifications, and asset tracking
  • Connected-quality WLAN: operational automation and unique user-level insights
  • IT to DevOps: API-first, real-time cloud and distributed software architecture

Virtual Bluetooth LE

Mist Systems integrates Bluetooth LE into its WLAN access points, eliminating the need for dedicated physical beacons for location-based services. Each access point has a 16-antenna array integrated. Patented Bluetooth virtual LE (vBLE) technology makes it possible to configure virtual beacons covering an entire room under software control with a few mouse clicks or via an API. Machine learning, which anonymously processes data collected continuously by Mist from all mobile devices in the catchment area, eliminates the need for manual configuration. This provides an optimally configured, scalable solution for the provision of location-based services with minimal investment costs.

Location-based access services with virtual Bluetooth LE

With the help of virtual Bluetooth LE technology, virtual Bluetooth receivers can be marked and controlled at specific desired locations on the map at low cost and with low maintenance. Until now, physical Bluetooth beacons were required for this purpose, which triggered corresponding maintenance efforts through e.g. battery replacement and, of course, also cost money to purchase. Thanks to the new Mist technology, this high-maintenance and more expensive method is no longer necessary. In the Mist environment, you can simply place so-called virtual beacons on the map at the points of interest to you in order to perform special actions for the clients there.

This can be simple indoor navigation for, for example, the large campus of a university or a hospital, to provide easy orientation for students or visitors and patients.

Another possibility is visitor tracking in the shopping centre to enable store operators to analyse which store windows are particularly attractive to customers, for example, because they stop and linger there frequently, or which walking routes customers use in the store so that they can then use these findings to adapt the layout and sorting of the shelves to customers' shopping behaviour.

Especially in times of pandemics, the use case of checking the density of people in a room with the necessary distance regulations for each specific room is also conceivable. Here, it is also possible to check how many people are in the respective room and how close together they are standing or sitting. A life analysis in real-time with integrated alarming enables the necessary evaluation here.


Real-time signage

  • Help employees, guests and customers get where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions
  • Up to 1M accuracy
  • Latency of less than one second

Real-time proximity notifications and alerts

  • Greet patients or customers when they arrive on site
  • Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons
  • Deliver contextual messages anywhere for a personalised mobile experience

100% programmable via SDK

  • Mist offers a mobile SDK with open APIs for full automation and/or seamless integration with free products.

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