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MVNOs, MVNEs and smaller operators are at a disadvantage compared to larger operators. They are more dependent upon their network vendors to roll out new services and to resolve integration issues. This undermines one of their key advantages: their ability to deliver tailored and innovative services quickly. The flexibility to innovate at the speed of the ecosystem is increasingly important in the MVNO world.

Nearly all operators admit they struggle to speed up time-to-market for new services. In particular smaller operators are highly dependent on the availability and willingness of infrastructure vendors.

Breaking the vendor lock-in

Nomios Group provides the means to independently enable use cases across vendors’ systems and (proprietary) technology. The Interface Gateway is the Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller providing a single solution for any-to-any protocol interworking and routing for Diameter, RADIUS, SS7 and IT protocols. Using our GUI based service orchestration environment, users can set up advanced use cases without any need for scripting or vendor involvement. Success in LTE will depend upon faster service differentiation. offers smaller operators both flexibility and affordable adaptability of services, independent of vendors and technology.

Take control

Nomios Group encourages MVNOs, MVNEs and smaller operators to take control of their signaling network. Operators independently and immediately take action to enable services and tackle signaling challenges found in multi-vendor environments, across 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi/Fixed and IT. Nomios Group gives operators the in-house capability to avoid lengthy engagements with product vendors and system integrators. Own and control the signaling network, add network functions without changing existing systems, and independently resolve signaling issues across multi-vendor environments with the only Diameter Signaling Controller on the market. This allows MVNOs, MVNEs and (smaller) operators to be the fastest innovator in their markets, and reduce structural integration and hardware costs.

Benefits of interface gateway and Diameter Signalling for MVNO/MVNE

MVNOs, MVNEs and operators can leverage the benefits offered to increase their power in the competitive market:

  • Less dependency on vendors and system integrators: flexibility to manage complex broadband use cases independently;
  • Faster time-to-market for broadband propositions: Enables integration in days instead of weeks or months;
  • Productized integration: out-of-the box support for Diameter routing and mediation, Fixed-Mobile convergence, 3G-LTE data roaming, Wi-Fi offload integration, Number Portability, M2M/IoT etc.;
  • Easy to use: configuration of the solution is fully based on a graphical user interface, no need for scripting or vendor involvement;
  • Reduced systems integration cost for broadband systems: using our solution is often cheaper than a single change request on core platforms;
  • Extended economic lifetime of systems: Nomios Group adds required connectivity functionality instead of system upgrades or replacements;
  • Hardware independent: The solution is software based, supports use of standard off-the-shelf hardware, virtualization and cloud deployment.
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