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Nokia's Optical LAN (POL)

Nokia's Optical LAN provides a sustainable, cost-effective fiber network solution for enhanced performance and connectivity across various organisations.

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Nokia's Optical LAN (POL)

Nokia in-wall ONT Optical LAN

  • Modular design
  • 4 x GE ports with auto-negotiation
  • PoE powering up to 60W per Ethernet port

A sustainable, cost-effective, high-performance fiber network solution

In an era where sustainability, cost efficiency, and performance are paramount, Nokia’s Optical Local Area Network (Optical LAN) emerges as a transformative solution. Tailored to exceed expectations, Nokia's Optical LAN redefines the standard for connected experiences across various sectors.

Empowering organisations across the spectrum

Nokia's innovative Optical LAN solution is designed to assist both public and private sector organisations in navigating the evolving demands of service delivery with superior network performance. This solution is adept at enhancing operations across a diverse range of industries, including businesses, government entities, airports, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate development, and educational institutions.

Organisations adopting Nokia’s Optical LAN benefit from:

  • Cost Reduction: By deploying a unified network, organisations can significantly lower operational costs.
  • Enhanced Capacity: The infrastructure boosts business performance by adding much-needed capacity.
  • Improved Connectivity: It ensures superior mobile connectivity for users, enhancing overall user experience.

Nokia’s Optical LAN stands not just as a technology solution but as a catalyst for organisations aiming to deliver unparalleled service experiences, achieve cost efficiencies, and secure long-term value from their network infrastructure.

Optical LAN

Features and benefits

Nokia’s Optical LAN is distinguished by its compelling benefits and features

It offers gigabit and 10 gigabit speeds, with the potential for unlimited bandwidth, ensuring a premium service experience.

The solution streamlines operations, reduces energy consumption, frees up physical space, and cuts down on equipment and cabling costs, offering significant savings.

With a lifespan of over 50 years, Nokia's fiber-based LAN is a flexible, scalable, long-term solution that adapts to future needs and technologies.

Nokia’s Optical LAN is more than just a network solution; it’s a strategic investment in the future of organisational infrastructure, promising a green, cost-effective, and high-performance network that can serve generations to come.

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