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Juniper Networks Mist AI

First and only AI-controlled WLAN

Juniper and Mist's AI-driven WLAN provides deep insights and analytics for end-to-end networks and can deliver an exceptional user experience.

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Juniper Networks

Nomios UK recognised as 2020 EMEA Commercial Partner of the Year by Juniper Networks

We are hugely excited to announce that we have won the Juniper Networks EMEA Commercial Partner of the Year Award! Juniper Networks recognises us for our commitment to delivering exceptional customer outcomes and innovation during a period of huge business transformation.

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Company update Juniper Networks

AI-supported network infrastructure home office solution

Juniper Mist provides the optimal solution to effectively combine telemetry data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to securely connect enterprises, remote offices, home offices and cloud applications.

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Juniper Networks

Ten tips for Junos troubleshooting

Junos OS is used by hundreds of thousands of organisations across the world to run their networking operations in a reliable, secure and flexible way. We give you 10 practicle tips.

Alex Walker

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5 reasons to consider a managed SOC service provider

When dealing with security threats, organisations could opt for a managed SOC (Security Operations Center). We provide five managed SOC service provider benefits.

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OT security

How can you secure your OT environment?

OT security in focus. The factors you need to consider when securing your OT environment. We provide individual, customised approaches and solutions and offer professional and expert support for your project.

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F5 Networks

F5 State of Application Strategy Report 2021

Digital transformation has raced forward in the last year. F5 has published its report 2021 State of Application Strategy Report for the 7th time.

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Network automation Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks acquires Apstra

Last year Juniper Networks, a leader in secure AI-driven networks, announced an agreement to acquire Apstra, a leader in intent-based networking and automated closed-loop assurance.

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Enterprise networking

What is enterprise networking?

Enterprise networking may seem complicated but it's essential for businesses to operate. We explain the basics and introduce you to a few vendors.

Hilmar Burghgraaff
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Hilmar Burghgraaff

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Next stop on the SASE journey: Establishing a plan and team for success

SASE is a technology shift and consumption model that promises to change how we view and access our digital environments.

Mike Spanbouer
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Mike Spanbouer

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Are you still satisfied with your remote working solutions?

Last March, everyone started working from home en masse and remote working licences were purchased a lot. Mostly Pulse Secure. These are about to expire.

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Architectural choice: The key to a successful SASE journey

An organisation’s choice in architecture is critical because it can directly impact their SASE objectives. Choices made at the architecture definition stage will dictate how each service component supports current business needs.

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The road to SASE is a journey, not a sprint

You don't just implement SASE one day, it takes time and effort. One of the reasons is because nearly all organisations already have some degree of investment in technologies, making a quick adoption difficult. That is why the road to SASE is a journey, not a sprint.

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Top 6 DDoS protection solutions that should be on your radar

Overview of DDoS protection solutions to protect enterprises against these bigger, smarter and more diverse DDoS-attacks. These 6 should be on your radar! Find out more.

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Security Managed services

8 major benefits of having a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) provide structural security solutions against cyberattacks, including always up-to-date expertise in the latest cyber threats and appropriate solutions. Here's 8 benefits of the best MSSP to prevent cyberattacks and save costs.

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Global network operator Truphone goes live with new DSC from BroadForward and Nomios

We have been selected by Truphone to replace their legacy diameter routers with the BroadForward Diameter Signalling Controller (DSC).

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Ransomware with Data Leak Extortion

As data leak extortion swiftly became the new norm for big game hunting (BGH) ransomware operators since late 2019, various criminal adversaries began innovating in this area. This includes collaboration between ransomware groups, auctioning leaked data and demanding not just one ransom for the ransomware decryptor but also a second ransom to ensure stolen data is deleted.

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Company update Support

Support Update

In November 2020 we informed you of some upcoming changes to the way you raise support cases as we move to a new Infradata Support Portal. Most importantly we will no longer accept tickets being raised via email as we are unable to provide comprehensive SLA reporting based on email delivery.

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